Doris Fleischman Award Winner 2023The Doris Fleischman award honors the selfless, dedicated volunteer who steadfastly and quietly contributes to the public relations profession through the Florida Public Relations Association. This honoree is indispensable, managing projects both large and small, committed to give more than they take. Ultimately, they genuinely wants to contribute to and improve the overall profession, whether they receive credit or not.

Inspiration for the award comes from Doris Fleischmann, who graduated from Barnard and in 1919 became partner in the firm of Edward Bernays, considered the father of modern PR. Fleischman played an equal role in the firm’s success, securing coverage for the first NAACP convention held below the Mason-Dixon line and working with clients including Dwight Eisenhower, Jane Addams, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Edison.  A tireless supporter of women, she helped many enter the field of public relations and co-created a competition in 1974 for best strategies to achieve pay equity and justice for women in the workplace and the home.

For information on how to nominate someone for the Fleischman Award, download the award guidelines. Nominations are due April 5, 2024.

Congratulations to all previous Fleischman Award winners:

2023 Cindi Lane, APR, CPRC
2022 Rosemary Tutt, APR, CPRC
2021 Nancy McCarthy, APR
2020 Amelia Bell, APR, CPRC
2019 Pamela L. Nulman, APR, CPRC
2018 Kevin Christian, APR, CPRC
2017 Marilyn Waters, APR, CPRC
2016 Kay Phelan
2015 Kara Winton, APR, CPRC
2014 Laura Puerto, APR
2013 Cynthia Lambert, APR
2012 Bryan Beaty
2011 Rick Scott, APR, CPRC
2010 Rachel Smith, APR, CPRC
2009 Toni James, APR, CPRC
2008 Rod Hemphill, APR, CPRC
2007 Amelia Woodbridge
2006 Eileen Perrigo, APR
2005 Joseph J. Curley, APR, CPRC
2004 Karen Brown, APR
2003 Ginya Carnahan, APR, CPRC
2002 Jackie Kersh, APR
2001 Chris Gent, APR, CPRC
2000 Doreen Perez
1999 Melea Gernert
1998 Adrienne Moore, APR, CPRC
1997 Christian Bailey, APR
1996 Dennis K. Stouse, APR, CPRC
1995 Ken Nelson, APR
1994 Laura Nurse, APR
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