A primary focus of FPRA is to provide members with effective tools for professional development in order to achieve its goals of keeping members up-to-date on industry trends and help them advance their careers in the field of public relations. Professional development opportunities and tools include:

Annual Conference: FPRA’s Annual Conference features renowned speakers, helpful tutorials and plenty of networking opportunities. It’s the most anticipated FPRA event of the year!

Chapter Meetings: Local Chapters host monthly meetings, seminars and other supplemental professional development opportunities.

CN Winter Symposium: The CN Winter Symposium is an opportunity for senior-level practitioners to discuss the unique challenges they face and hear from relevant speakers.

Webinars: FPRA hosts regular webinars on subjects ranging from how to develop an effective strategy for corporate giving to how to properly use Instagram as a public relations tool.

White Papers: FPRA produces a number of publications that are available to members including its case-oriented “White Papers.”

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