Inaugural Leadership FPRA Class Testimonials


Being a part of Leadership FPRA has been an extremely rewarding experience. I am learning new tactics while brushing up my leadership skills to keep me at the top of my professional game, while also making friends with other top notch PR professionals from around the state. It has been a wise investment of my time.
-Melanie Mowry Etters, APR, CPRC
Communications Director,
Agency for Persons with Disabilities


More than anything else, LeadershipFPRA has given me the confidence to claim my rightful leadership role within my organization. By “rightful,” I don’t mean to sound entitled; no one is entitled to be a leader, it must be earned. But LFPRA has helped me do that, shaping latent potential into a tangible asset for my company and community. Just being part of this has been a revelation. There is something powerful about being on the same journey with like-minded professionals knowing we come from different places in our careers and may all take different paths to reach our ultimate destination. But reach it we will.
-Laura Byrnes, APR, CPRC
Communications Manager,
CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion


Leadership FPRA is a wonderful experience for PR professionals at any stage of their career. As a younger professional, I appreciated the interaction with my seasoned classmates and the opportunity to learn from them along with the various speakers we had throughout the year. Through LFPRA, I’ve not only grown as a leader, but I’ve also built several lasting personal and professional relationships.
-Brittany Jackson
Communications Director,
Greater Tampa Realtors


Leadership FPRA may be the most valuable program I have participated in as a member of FPRA. The work involved with the sessions touch on important aspects of professional growth and development not often covered in traditional events. In addition, the cohort of professionals provide significant contributions to the process of going through the program and expanding the depth of our growth through co-collaboration. The facilitators and subject matter experts brought introspective, engaging and thought-provoking ideas and exercises to the table, all of which has contributed to my portfolio of tools and expertise. I would highly recommend enrolling in this program to enhance your leadership skills and competencies.
-Roy Reid, APR, CPRC
Executive Director of Communications,
Adventist Health System


Leadership FPRA has allowed me to create some of the strongest relationships with other members in our organization. The sessions have been great but the relationships we are forming are priceless!
-Nicole Stacey
Director of Marketing and Communications,
Visit Pensacola, Inc.


LeadershipFPRA has been an eye-opening experience for me. Being a newer professional, the program was a great way for me to learn about all aspects of not only leadership but also businesses and organizations and how leaders in PR engage with all people, not just those they lead beneath them but also laterally and vertically. I also enjoyed the camaraderie of our more seasoned members. I think it is so important for professionals to step outside their office, meet new people, go to new places and learn about other businesses and leadership practices to experience growth, and LeadershipFPRA did just that for me.
-Brianna Barnebee
Senior Account Manager,
RB Oppenheim Associates 


Turning 50 was an eye-opener for me. I had witnessed people in the last quarter of their career begin to coast a bit. Pulling on experience is great but I also wanted to be ahead of the curve. Growing to the end resonated as a motto. Since making that commitment, I have pushed to find every professional development opportunity available. In the past two years I have attained the elusive APR, CPRC credentials, completed a Master’s program, accepted board positions and stretched myself beyond what I thought I could do by accepting the VP of Annual Conference role for FPRA. Participating as a facilitator and class member of LFPRA was a no-brainer for me. While there have been many takeaways from each session, using information I learned during a session on Saturday for the following Tuesday meeting of a non-profit board I serve made it all worth it. It’s so rewarding to enjoy something so much that has significant application professionally. Apply today! You have no idea now what your growth moment will be!
-Ginger Broslat, APR, CPRC
Ginger Broslat Communications


Leadership FPRA has been such a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for professional development and for ways to be more valuable to the senior/executive leadership team.
Barbara Carbaugh
Community Outreach Manager,
Hiers-Baxley Funeral Services


LeadershipFPRA has enriched me professionally in so many ways. In my current role, I was longing for a program that would enhance my leadership skills and general business knowledge overall. LeadershipFPRA not only exceeded my expectations in these areas, but also provided me an incredible opportunity to grow strong relationships with my professional peers across the state.
-Alyson Lundell, APR, CPRC
Senior Director of Public Relations
Universal Orlando Resort


LeadershipFPRA offers a guided tour led by expert speakers and practitioners who illustrate the mechanics of leading no matter the industry or role. Without exception, every session has been insightful, informative and engaging. Social activities created a nice balance to our intensive day of learning. I found my inner leader – and then learned how to nurture and grow it.
-Linda Homewood, APR
Consultant and Writer


One of the best parts of the LeadershipFPRA program is that its course sequence is tailored to working professional leaders. Very quickly the program achieves its aim of providing deep theoretical learning while simultaneously advancing leaders professionally in their careers. Through insightful speakers and topics, I learned as much about my own motivation as I did about the motivation of those I lead. LeadershipFPRA hit the mark for everything I was looking for.
-Chris Gent, APR, CPRC
VP of Corporate Communications,
Kissimmee Utility Authority


If you aspire to work with leaders, want to work with leaders more effectively or desire to transform your level of professional expertise, LeadershipFPRA offers a window onto leadership that will provide you with an opportunity to take yourself to the next level.
-Suzanne Dameron, APR, CPRC
Lime Communications


LeadershipFPRA helped me discover and develop the leadership skills I will need to advance my career in public relations.
-Kim Polacek, APR
Public Relations Account Coordinator,
Mofitt Cancer Center


Leadership FPRA has given me the opportunity to learn more about key areas that are critical to being a good leader. The program has helped me to be more aware of the things I need to work on to advance my career.
-Tina Banner, APR, CPRC
Executive Vice President,
United Way of Marion County



LeadershipFPRA has provided me with information that complements my daily practices as well as contacts who are experts in their fields. It is a wonderful way to see how aspects of business throughout Florida impact other aspects, and how I can be part of the positive change in my organization and my profession. It has also personally enhanced my career through interaction with my classmates who bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives. LeadershipFPRA is shaping public relations professionals with tools, resources and perhaps most importantly, experiences. It is a rare program that benefits professionals who are early in their career as well as those who have held long tenures in public relations.
-Carole C. Savage, APR, CPRC
Regional Executive Director,
PACE Center Marion

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