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No matter what level of communications, public relations, marketing, advertising, media relations, development, social media marketing or digital marketing experience you may have, the Florida Public Relations Association offers tools, training, research and networking to help you succeed.

What You’ll Find at FPRA

Professional Growth

Stay on top of the latest communication trends and hone your communication skills through webinars, meetings and workshops. Both virtual and in-person events offered.

Leadership Development icon

Leadership Development

Hone your leadership skills by serving on local and state boards and committees. Participate in LeadershipFPRA, an intensive statewide leadership development program.

Annual Conference icon

Annual Conference

As the most anticipated communications event of the year, FPRA Annual Conference features nationally recognized speakers, breakout sessions and networking events.

Credentialing icon


Earn your professional credentials, including Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) and Certified Public Relations Counselor (CPRC) to give you the edge in advancing your career.

Professional Recognition icon

Professional Recognition

The coveted annual Golden Image Awards competition recognizes effective communication, public relations, marketing, social media, advertisements and more.

Networking Events icon

Networking Events

Grow your professional community through business networking with communications leaders. Online and in-person networking events hosted throughout the year.

Job Bank icon

Job Bank

Updated regularly, the FPRA Job Bank is a go-to source for jobs in communications, public relations, marketing, media relations, social media marketing and more.

Membership Resources icon

Membership Resources

Receive exclusive digital access to a membership directory, winning award summaries (i.e. successful case studies), past webinars, newsletters and a calendar of events.

Counselors' Network icon

Counselors’ Network

The FPRA Counselors’ Network offers credentialed members additional networking and advanced educational opportunities, including a two-day conference.

Our Mission

The Florida Public Relations Association is dedicated to developing public relations practitioners who, through ethical and standardized practices, enhance the public relations profession in Florida.

You can Count on FPRA

We aim to make sure that you are prepared for any opportunity or challenge that comes your way!

As a member, you’ll get:

  • Information and resources you need to excel at your job
  • Access to a professional community that actively supports and helps each other
  • Programs that build your skill set and inspire you to deliver compelling content and value to your stakeholders
  • Leadership and credentialing opportunities that can result in professional and career growth
  • Opportunities for recognition as a stand-out professional

Find Your Local Chapter

FPRA’s local chapters provide you networking and professional development opportunities at the local level. Connect with your local chapter today.

Who Should Join FPRA?

  • Marketing, advertising, public relations and communication professionals at all levels
  • Sole practitioners in a communications field
  • Social media manager, coordinator and specialist or anyone involved in social media management or a social media agency
  • Digital marketing and digital media professionals
  • Development director, business development director, manager and coordinator for nonprofit and for-profit organizations
  • Fundraising professionals
  • Event planning and event marketing professionals
  • Strategic marketing professionals
  • Public information officers
  • Media relations professionals, including media relations agency owners and staff, media relations specialists and anyone in media relations jobs
  • Community development director, manager, coordinator or specialist
  • Graphic designers or anyone in the creative market
  • Press agents
  • Event planners
  • Digital marketing agency owners and staff
  • Advertising agency owners and staff, including those involved in digital advertising, social media advertising, Google advertising, native advertising and more.
  • Government communication and marketing professionals
  • Communication directors, managers, coordinators and specialists
  • Marketing directors, managers, coordinators and specialists
  • Public relations directors, managers, coordinators and specialists
  • VP of Marketing
  • VP of Public Relations
  • Public affairs staff
  • Web content administrators
  • Video production specialists
  • Environmental, water, waste agency staff
  • Community affairs professionals
  • Any administration or staff member involved with outreach and engagement
  • College-level students who are currently studying or interested in a communications career. This includes (but not limited to) someone seeking a communications degree.

Promoting Ethical Leadership in Communications

We all know that good leadership characteristics involve the use of sound ethical practices. Upon becoming a member of FPRA, members pledge to abide to by the Association’s Code of Ethics and receive an official Code of Ethics certificate.

Gain leadership skills and leadership development through FPRA.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

“FPRA without a doubt has made a difference in making the connections that allowed me to advance my career.”

“Without a doubt, one of the best decisions I made when I moved here was joining FPRA. If you are looking for success in your career, you can’t make a better decision. The friends you make, the professionals you will meet, the contacts that you will meet will help make you successful in your profession as well as you will develop lifelong friendships that you will cherish throughout your career.”

“The Florida Public Relations Association has taught me this business – public relations, strategic planning, media relations, all the other aspects of our profession.”

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