The John Dillin Professional Award for service to the Florida Public Relations Association has been established as the highest, most prestigious award of the Association. The award honors the spirit and dedication of FPRA’s first president and founder, Lt. Col. John Dillin, and his lifetime of service to and support of the Association. For information on how to nominate someone for the Dillin Award, download the award guidelines. Nominations are due April 5, 2019.

Congratulations to all previous Dillin Award winners:

1987 John W. Dillin, APR, CPRC
1988 Charles Wellborn, Jr., APR
1989 Frank Wright, APR
1990 Stanley Tait, CPRC
1991 Jean Ludlow, CPRC
1992 Edward D. Whittlesey, APR
1993 Joseph J. Curley, APR, CPRC
1994 No Award Given
1995 Bob Davis, Ph.D., APR, CPRC
1996 Jay Rayburn, Ph.D., APR, CPRC, Fellow PRSA
1997 Doris Wilkes
1998 Scott Harrington, APR, CPRC
1999 Bob Gernert, Jr., APR, CPRC
2000 Ginnie Duffey Troyer, APR, CPRC
2001 Adrienne Moore, APR, CPRC
2002 Del Galloway, APR, CPRC
2003 William Warren, APR, CPRC
2004 Tom Preston, APR, Fellow PRSA
2005 Rick Oppenheim, APR, CPRC
2006 Lynn Schneider, APR, CPRC
2007 Kathleen M. Giery, APR, CPRC
2008 Karen Plunkett, APR
2009 Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC
2010 Leah Lauderdale, APR, CPRC
2011 Frank Polito, APR, CPRC
2012 April Salter, APR, CPRC
2013 Lisa Malone, APR, CPRC
2014 Suzanne Sparling, APR, CPRC
2015 Tricia Ridgway-Kapustka, APR, CPRC
2016 Jennifer Moss, APR, CPRC
2017 Cheray Keyes-Shima, APR, CPRC
2018 Lanette Hart, APR, CPRC

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