leadershiptablePerhaps more than any other benefit of membership, FPRA’s leadership development offerings stand out as the crown jewel to prospective and longtime members. At every level, there are numerous opportunities for members to hone their skills from project management to leading groups of people toward mutual goals.

Serving on committees, as members of chapter boards of directors, and as chapter officers leads to service on FPRA’s statewide Board of Directors and the potential to be elected an officer and to serve on the FPRA Executive Committee. It is why we say FPRA Is For Leaders.

LeadershipFPRA is a new program developed as an exclusive premium member benefit for those who wish to take their leadership skills to a new level. Patterned in many ways after community leadership programs such as Leadership Tampa, Leadership Orlando and even the statewide Leadership Florida, LeadershipFPRA is designed to provide our members with the tools they need to become leaders in their organizations, their communities and within FPRA.

Limited to a class of just 21, this program will draw on successful leaders in fields ranging from government to law, ethics & governance, economic development, higher education, business strategy and corporate finance and more. Class members will meet six times throughout the year, starting and ending with FPRA’s annual conferences and include a joint meeting with FPRA’s Counselors’ Network at its Winter Symposium and a session set to coincide with the annual session of the Florida Legislature in Tallahassee.

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