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Check out this sneak peek of the new FPRA podcast: FPRA Take 5. This is the second of three videos we will be releasing over the next month. The podcast is in development; look for a formal launch in the coming months.

FPRA Take 5: Five Ways to Communicate with Employees Through the Looking Glass

In early 2020, RTI Surgical was dealing with the impact of the pandemic, while preparing for a corporate separation. During a typical year, a corporate separation is a complicated process. When you add furloughs and remote working, it certainly adds to the complexity.

In her role as communications manager for RTI Surgical, Amelia Bell, APR, CPRC, had to be deliberate about her communication strategies, not overlooking the fundamentals as things moved quickly. In addition, she needed to create a hybrid approach as some employees worked on-site, while the majority transitioned to work from home.

Amelia talked with FPRA Vice President of Professional Development Julie Frey, APR, CPRC, to offer her insights for those preparing for a corporate separation or any major organizational change.

  1. Ask questions, never make assumptions.
  2. Communicate to employees often, even if there is nothing to communicate.
  3. Set expectations and be transparent.
  4. Let it go and be adaptable; don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.
  5. Focus on the future; be sure to plan for the next step beyond the goal line.

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Take 5: A Public Relations Podcast presentation slideTake 5: A Public Relations Podcast presentation slide