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Five Apps to Shoot Awesome Videos in 5 Minutes
Presented by Sarah Redohl, StoryLab

Little videos can have a BIG impact.

Here are five apps to download to your smartphone, available in both the Apple and Android stores.

  1. Legend – animate text in video and GIF
  2. PicPlayPost – create video collages using photos, videos, GIFs and music
  3. Lapse it – capturing time lapse and stop motion videos
  4. Video Scribe – create whiteboard animations
  5. Flipagram – create short photo video stories with your photos, videos clips and favorite music.

50% of your video development should focus on audio quality.

Your Video Toolkit Should Include

Common Rookie Mistakes

  • Not defining goals
  • Shots that make people sick
  • Forgetting good audio
  • Keeping your audience in the dark
  • Making your videos too long
  • Not effectively telling a story

Define Your Goals

  • What is the goal of your video strategy? You must know your goals to set your KPIs and figure out if your video strategy is working or not.
  • What is your ultimate goal? To explain a product or service? Teach your audience something? Improve brand awareness?
  • How do you want them to feel when they watch your video? Entertained? Inspired? Educated?
  • What do you want your audience to do? Buy something? Donate money? Like your page?

Stabilize Your Shots

  • Tripod
  • Variety of distances and angles
  • Don’t shoot vertical video

Getting Good Audio

  • Use your phone’s built-in mic for narration
    • Identify which mic the app is recording, or
    • Buy a handheld mic compatible with your device.
    • Use the in-line mic in your earbuds for interviews
      • Minimizes surrounding noises, maximize speech
      • Frame tightly and make sure the earbuds and cords are out of the shot.
      • Buy a lav ic (Suggested brand: Rodeo SmartLav)

Show Them the Light

  • Look for the brightest spot to film
  • Sunlight is your friend
    • Bright, pure white, and abundant
    • Add light (lamps, overhead lights, torch light)
      • Even out lighting
      • The brightest light source should be at the videographer’s back.

Keep It Short

Video viewership drops significantly after 10 seconds. Keep it short and eye-catching.

Tell a Story

  • Follow a simple plot structure
  • Serve your audience
  • Stay focused on ONE THING

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RedohlSarah Redohl is the chief creative strategist of StoryLab, which teaches people to create content on their smartphones. Past clients include professional associations, Fortune 500 companies and national publications. Redohl’s work has appeared in The Washington Post, the Travel Channel, and NPR, among others, and has claimed a handful of regional and national awards. She is also recognized as one of Folio Magazine’s 15 Under 30 young professionals driving media’s next-gen innovation.

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