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My FPRA involvement started out innocently enough – I was in my first “real” job, and I didn’t know anyone in the field, so I joined FPRA as a way to meet other PR people. I’m pretty shy, so I joined a committee to force myself to meet other chapter members. Things escalated quickly.

I applied to serve on the board the next year because I saw an opportunity to get more involved with FPRA to gain experiences doing functions I wasn’t able to perform at my job (managing teams, event planning, finance, etc.). That one year on the board turned into eight. I eventually served as my Chapter’s President, and we were recognized as Chapter of the Year that year!

I’ve taken advantage of just about every opportunity that’s come my way: attending Annual Conference and the Counselors’ Network Winter Symposium, serving on the Executive Committee and participating in LeadershipFPRA Class I. Each program has given me different leadership skills, experiences, and knowledge.

Being active in the association has been invaluable both professionally and personally. Volunteering to serve, or stepping up to help when asked, has fostered strong friendships, and I now have connections to professionals in various industries around the state who have helped me at a moment’s notice.

My FPRA friends and colleagues are truly some of the greatest people I know, and I wouldn’t have these connections if I had not stepped up to serve!

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