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Your membership in FPRA is what you make it. After my first meeting, I contacted the incoming president of my chapter and asked how I could get involved. They wasted NO TIME!

My first year, I was newsletter chair and I continued to serve in a leadership capacity until I was approached for the president-elect position. And then came my three-year journey as president-elect, president and then (the best position) immediate past president!

After serving in a leadership role for five years – straight, it was hard to imagine not being involved in FPRA, so when I was approached to serve as VP of Technology on the Executive Committee, I pounced on the opportunity.

It’s been an eye-opening and fun experience serving on the Executive Committee, and I encourage all chapter past-presidents to give it a shot. It’s healthy for chapters to have representation on the committee and it’s also amazing to see the passion among those who truly care about this organization! Serving in leadership has provided me with better career opportunities, deeper connections with other professionals in my industry, and what I’m sure will be life-long friendships. Get the most out of your FPRA membership and take the leap to leadership!

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