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By Stefanie Stricklin

In 2012, Sachs Media Group undertook a hero’s quest while working with the Florida Department of Veteran’s Affairs (FDVA) on its rebranding mission.

While the FDVA wanted a fresh look in time for its 25th anniversary this year, it also wanted to address a more pressing issue: to better reach veterans who were not receiving all the benefits to which they were entitled.

Sachs Media Group conducted a complete organization evaluation to get at the heart of FDVA’s mission, vision, values, personality, audiences and perceptions to establish and streamline the organization’s new brand.

Sachs Media Group defines a brand as the secret weapon that helps your customer succeed, overcome adversity or realize a dream. The customer is the hero – and in this case, also our nation’s heroes – and the brand is the sidekick, there to aid the hero in their needs.

With this in mind, Sachs Media Group presented FDVA with a new logo, brand guide and slogan to solidify the new look and messaging, and developed an app, internal and external messaging templates, public service announcements, print and web ads, screensavers and branded t-shirts to establish consistency and reliability for the employees and the veterans they served.

Like any Dick Pope All Florida Golden Image Award campaign (2013 winner), the results were phenomenal. Among other notable stats, Sachs Media Group was able to:

–       Increase the services provided by FDVA to “never-before-reached” veterans to 68 percent in a three-month period following the launch

–       Increase website page views to 8,000 views per month

–       Create and launch FDVA’s first mobile app to reach a younger generation and achieve 1,408 downloads.

A full case study can be found here.

How did Sachs Media Group do it? By asking the right questions. Through the company’s Brandyland process, Sachs Media Group was able to glean from the client all the data they needed to be successful. Take some pointers for your own clients with the questions below:

General Questions

1.     What is authentically true about your brand?

2.     What do your target audiences deeply want?

Questions about Hero/Customer Base

1.     Who is the hero of your story?

2.     What dragons do they need to slay?

3.     What is their deepest dream in their heart of hearts?

4.     What magic weapon do they need?

5.     How can you ease their pain?

6.     How can you be their trusted sidekick?

Questions about Brand

1.     What does your brand offer that your hero needs? (Mission)

2.     Where are you going? (Vision)

3.     What are your brand values?

4.     What is my brand personality?

5.     Who are my competitors?

6.     What do I have that they don’t have?

7.     What do they have that I don’t have?

Questions about Brand Story

1.     Does your logo convey who you are? Is it clean, recognizable, scalable?

2.     Is your website consistent with your brand and does it meet all of your hero’s needs?

3.     What is your brand story?

4.     How will you tell your story?

5.     How can your live your brand values?

6.     What brand experience will you deliver?

7.     What is your brand promise and how will you keep it?


With 30 years of senior-level agency and government experience, Ubben has managed Sachs Media Group to be one of Florida’s top independent public relations firms, a Florida Trend Best Places to Work and 2011 Small Agency of the Year by the Bulldog Reporter. This Emmy® Award and Gracie® Award-winning professional has helped the State of Florida build successful campaigns to find adoptive homes for foster children, prevent and report child abuse, and help veterans connect to benefits. Her passion is creating campaigns that change public behavior.


Jessica is a project manager of campaigns and branding at Sachs Media Group, Florida’s top integrated communications firm. Her expertise includes strategic planning, branding, campaign management and creative direction for government, nonprofit and corporate companies. In her current role, she leads some of the firm’s largest, statewide awareness campaigns, including launching organizations into the national arena.

She is a recipient of the 2014 Gracie Award® from the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation, the 2012 Bulldog Reporter Media Relations Silver Award and various Image and ADDY® Awards.


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