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By Rachel Guidry — Northwest Florida Chapter | Twitter: @rachkristineg; Instagram: @rach.kristine

“Over time it’s not enough to appear cool, you have to provide an experience; it’s not enough to provide and experience, you have to align with people’s values; it’s not enough to align with people’s values; you have to be relatable, then transparent, then…

I T     N E V E R     S T O P S”

This is how Nathan Allebach explained the evolution of brands humanizing themselves. In the beginning this has looked like Nike becoming an identity-driven company or Burger King creating a mascot. Now brands are poking fun on Twitter to take their humanization to the next level. Early on Taco Bell, Old Spice, and Pop-Tarts were being snarky to one another in short forms, but Wendy’s has taken it up a notch through their twitter roasts. These roast tweets went viral and continue to gain traction to the point where Twitter users ask to be roasted. Now that is the type of relationship we all want with our fans.

Why Twitter over other social media channels you ask? Twitter is impressively more organic than algorithm-driven platforms like Facebook and Instagram, so your content is much more likely to be seen, to be interacted with, and to be a viral hit. Also, Twitter is the platform of choice for media, memes, and all things pop-culture. Another reason worth mentioning is that your tweets will not feel like advertising even though they are, so fans or not-yet-fans are more likely to build a relationship with you. Just look at Nathan Allebach’s voice on Steak-umm’s twitter and you will see how this single platform gave their company twice the sales in 1-2 years with zero paid advertising.

Ready to start humanizing your brand on Twitter? Keep in mind that you must provide value to your audience and to do that, you must know your audience and where to draw the line with them. Then you will be able to push boundaries and become snarky, sarcastic, or simply poke fun at other twitter users to humanize yours. So, start tweeting and testing to see what works because that’s what it takes to find your voice and ultimately provoke loyal fans that share your content with their friends. The pitfalls are that this tactic is risky and can go wrong more than once, but isn’t that worth it to take your brand to the next level?


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