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Katy Martin, FPRA Dick Pope/Polk County Chapter President-Elect

Joe Hice, Vice President of PR and Marketing at Moffitt

DP/PC FPRA May Meeting Recap: Moffitt PR and Marketing Team Finds Success through Research and Measurement

What does it take to bring the PR and Marketing efforts of a top-performing cancer treatment center like Moffitt to a whole new level?  Joe Hice, VP of PR and Marketing at Moffitt, says:  research.  On May 15, when he joined the Dick Pope/Polk County FPRA Chapter at the Cleveland Heights Golf Club, he shared how research guided the direction of a major campaign.

The Moffitt PR team’s primary goals were to raise awareness of their programs and increase patient volume.  Their message focused on their strengths, a team approach to cancer care, clinical trials, advanced treatment options and more. They also wanted patients (and potential patients) to know that they believed Moffitt was their absolute best chance for fighting cancer.  After Moffitt launched their Best Chance campaign, the team wanted to see if their message was reaching their intended audiences (primary: 65 years and older; secondary: 45 years and older).

Among the questions they wanted answered by their patients were:
– Have you seen or heard anything about Moffitt lately?
– How do you rate Moffitt’s care?
– Do you think that receiving cancer treatment is your best chance for beating cancer?
– What is the best way for Moffitt to inform you of its services?

The respondents were also shown the following ads and asked “Have you seen these ads before? and If so, where?” For nearly all the ads, 70 percent of the respondents said they, indeed, had seen them.

Through the survey, Moffitt gained valuable feedback that helped further direct their PR and Marketing efforts for the campaign. They learned the best way to reach their target audiences was through primary care physicians, the internet and television.  On the other end of the spectrum, they learned that podcasts, blogs and telephone were not the best way to reach these groups.

After conducting the research, Hice’s team continued the “Best Chance” campaign, with even more targeted messaging and using even more deliberate message delivery methods. For the television commercials, they included more information about their NCI designation, something their target group indicated they knew little about.

As a result of research, Moffitt’s PR and Marketing Team was able to achieve optimum results and raise awareness of their quality care!

Thank you, Joe Hice, for taking the time to visit the DP/PC FPRA Chapter to share this valuable case study, one that will certainly help others in the PR industry!

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