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By: Kali Hammond, Orlando Area Chapter (Instagram: kmham1)


Pratik Dholakiya (The 20 Media) traveled 30 hours from India to join us at this year’s conference. He shared knowledge and suggestions on how to integrate SEO into your PR strategies. Incorporating these suggestions into your plan will help increase your client’s website traffic and improve their brand awareness.

SEO is a continually changing process. SEOs focus on keywords, website traffic, backlinks, etc. while PR pros concentrate on communication, stories and establishing relationships with reporters, journalists, and influencers. By having a better understanding of SEO, PR professionals can develop stronger PR strategies and ensure better results for their clients. When both of these groups work together to create quality content and publish articles in high trafficked areas, they can reach the same business goals.

“Combining these two strategies will deliver the best outcomes.”- Pratik Dholakiya

Dholakiya provided the top eleven things PR pros need to know when integrating SEO into their PR strategies:

  1. Work with your client(s) to get their On-Pageand Technical SEO
    • Be sure to include a descriptive title and meta description to increase your click-through rate.Make sure there are no grammatical, spelling errors or duplication issues. Is your site mobile friendly? Is your website responsive? Your website should open in every browser and every device, should be compatible for each device.
  1. Plan your content strategy that incorporates appropriate keywords.
  1. Incorporate relevant link(s)in the content you create.
    • Including links within your published content has tremendous SEO value.
  1. All the earned media mentions should have at least one linkpointing back to your client’s website
    • There are many stories and interviews of clients featured on varying platforms, including links within the written content will drive more traffic to your website. SEO can help PR pros include keywords in their media mentions.
  1. The backlink should be either on the brand nameor on appropriate (long-tail) keyword.
    • Use SEO suggestions to link the client’s brand name to appropriate keywords.
  1. Optimize press release contentfor SEO gains.
    • Press releases are shared across multiple publications. To optimize this reach, add keywords from SEO to help traffic to the client’s website.
  1. Sponsored or promotional content should include ‘nofollow’ attributein the links.
    • The nofollow tag is a notice sign for search engines that says “don’t count this” in analytics.
  1. Acquire links from high domain authority/domain rating sites.
    • This information helps SEOs and clients determine better value and output for their sites. Two suggested sites: comand
  1. Share and amplify published content.
    • Promote and share content through social media, blogs, website subscribers and other relevant platforms. SEO and PR pros should work together to expanding strategies and ensure there no duplication issues.
  1. Make sure to not have the same press release/contentpublished on multiple publications.
    • Encourage outlets to use the material you provide and write it in their own words; without using your original link.
  1. Types of PR contentthat can be optimized.
    • As a PR pro you know what works well and what doesn’t. Encourage your SEO to create content and keywords for different types of content that can be optimized by a different point a view.

To recap- what you can do as a PR pro to aide in SEO?

  • Work with your clients to correct on-site/technical SEO.
  • Create quality and optimized content.
  • Use appropriate keywords.
  • Add authoritative links throughout published material Share and amplify earned media mentions.

This presentation was full of a lot of excellent information! Pratik Dholakiya encouraged us to follow his blog, he will provide a more detailed SEO checklist for PR pros.



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