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By: Tammy Gantt, Ocala Chapter
The New Science of Online Brand Management presented by Megan Harris, managing director of SYZYGY North America, as the Dillin keynote for the Florida Public Relations Association. #FPRA.
SYZYGY is the alignment of three celestial bodies like a super moon. The  company uses three prongs in the digital landscape – media, creative, and technology.
While Harris uses data led performance media to help global brands, she says storytelling is the best way to engage. The challenge today is that storytelling has changed since there are a greater number of channels but that consumers lead the way and the goal is to provide them with useful experiences.
New Science of Online Tools and Ideas to use data insight to amplify the information for clients
1. Fill the cup for your audience
2. Build trust
3. Everyone has a story
Example, Harris gives details of her life at this point in time to point out it is important for brands to learn
– details that motivate purchase decisions are accessible to companies
– understanding mindset and motivation is an important part of the data
Current tech that tries to find motivation and sentiment, useful and scary
1. Phones track wherever we go
2. Google Oracle can download our internet history
3. Social media like Facebook..adverse effect it makes us feel bad although designed to bring us together
A survey about AI noted marketers need a Code of Ethics, obvious but needed
– Do no harm
– Build trust
– Do not conceal
– Be helpful (be useful)
Reimagine not Reinvent our strategy
– Consumers are reimagining for us
– How we understand our consumers
– What we understand…more than gender, income… now personalized to what face cream you use or what trip plans you have
The Tesla Example
Great PR amazingness or PR nightmare?
As a brand they are Reimagining people move through this Earth, through cities
Tesla keys
1. Foundation for learning – fleet learning where data from all Tesla’s on road help the transit onroute, constant optimization, remote access to temperature setting in car
2. Simply – streamlined, fewer parts, less to fix
3. Constant
4. Brand safety – make sure you have a great reputation tale
Revolute UK app. Example
Geolocates you and assigns proper travel insurance
Sao Paolo advertising in train terminals Example
– Screen monitoring the mood of people waiting on the platform to optimize the advertising targeting them, creates revenue stream, and assists in transit system improvement
Walmart Example
Walmart is quietly developing tech to monitor your emotions while you shop
Fear- will AI take jobs?
No, data needs insight tools to tell stories and data can help us Amplify what we are doing.. three steps
1. Focus group – basic information
2. Social media monitoring – new information
3. Understanding data insight – innovation opportunity
4. Generating new advertising at scale
Four Principals to Data Insight
1. Programmatic Media
Buy eyeballs, cookies, grow audience pools; do not buy real estate i.e. ad space
Capturing audience data
Micro:who, micro:where, macro:when, macro:why
Capture and serve relevant ad based on cookies
Build your audience and add to your PIN Portrait to reach with targeted advertising and channels who your business wants to reach
2. Dynamic Messaging
For various audiences
Dynamic creative
Dynamic message testing to refine
Future proof your business by developing incremental audience, feed audience with targeted messaging to grow revenue streams
3. Personalization…aka User Intimacy
Users expect brands to know them and every message to be theirs
Personalization creates relevance
Examples BodeIt, Mail Chimp or Mail Chimp + aka Pimp the Chimp
4. Test and Learn
On the fly
Roadmaps can overwhelm planners so high level mapping of what’s happening is helpful
Decide what to do …stay basic, plan something new or innovate
5. Measurement and Visualization
KPIs, revenue driving for the business or client
KPIs versus PR…sometimes businesses are held to the fluffy stuff PR gets done.. engagement, etc…but adding KPI provides a wholistic approach. Businesses are beginning to speak in KPIs not marketing
Visualize for actionable insights
_social media monitoring
– spend levels
– time of day
– new audiences?
-messaging… amplify that way
– spray and spray with paid media and social media
6. Brand Safety
Double verify to make sure message is getting out and the way you want
– not blocked
– above the ‘fold’
– brand alignment
– appropriate placement brand match
– authentic
– needs context and backdrop to understand brand value and integrity with data mining
Case Study
What if a pizza company rep. made inappropriate comment?
Data can let you know if it aligned with customers or a subset?
Is it a PR concern is larger concern with audience?
Are others getting our biz now?
Is market growing during to general awareness of pizza during the crisis?
How is audience reacting incrementally?
Takeaway: The use of data paired with insight can assist large companies in decision making and small companies in making small changes to move incrementally toward more revenue
Blogger: Tammy Gantt. For the Florida Public Relations conference 2018
#TammyAGantt , #fpra
Gantt is AVP at the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders’ and Owners’ Assn. specializing in Marketing, Brand Management and National Digital Ad Campaigns and impact studies for the Horse Capital of the World and Florida Thoroughbred industry.
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