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By Jennifer Wiggins, Treasure Coast Chapter

Cutting Through The Digital Noise – Greg Trujillo and Carolyn Capern, CTS Agency

How To Stand Out Online

  • The Internet is a noisy place. There is tons of information being posted on the Internet constantly.
  • This is the attention economy, no longer measured in engagement but how long you can hold someones attention.
  • Why should someone pay attention to you instead of friends and family, major brands, nonprofits, cat videos, articles?

How can our marketing help our company achieve its biggest goals?

Strategy 1 – Make your audience your first priority

Brand first vs. Audience first

Brand first:

– turns your organization or its people into the hero

– shares updates on internal activities and achievements

– driven by internal priorities

Audience first:

– positions the audiences as the hero (and the company as a guide)

– personalizes the problem by telling stories

– builds a sense of empathy

Tip 1 – spread the ideas that make your audience feel like heroes (Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad campaign example)

Tip 2 – tie action requests to emotional responses (used publix Sunday Dinner post ad example)

Tip 3 – speak the truth that resonates with your audience (used burger kings unhappy meal ad example)

Ask yourself: Who is the hero of my content?

Don’t use the word check out- it makes the audience check out of reading

Shift your marketing mindset:

From: our goals, our needs our proprieties our preferences

To what’s important: their goals, their needs, their proprieties, their

Audience-first content creates higher levels of value.

Strategy 2 – Create visual thumb-stopping content

It takes time and effort to create excellent content: consider reducing your posting frequency so you can produce higher quality content.

The elements of thumb-stopping content:

  1. Thoughtful Post Architecture
  • Thumb-stopping content has a clear structure 1. image/video 2. text on image 3. link/CTA 4. text area – above image
  • Share the main idea first (what will hook your audience and keep them paying attention?)
  • Put text on video for those that don’t have the volume on for videos (don’t put any text on the title frame, and don’t have text on start of video, the first 3 secs are when you grab the audience)
  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Thumb-stopping content is visual (clean, creative, relevant, authentic, consistent) Add some motion to your images (catch their eye with a clever animation), 6 secs of motions helps tell the story

3.  Clear and memorable copy

  • Thumb-stopping content is memorable (memorable copyrighting is clear, concise, creative, specific, natural), clever copywriting is overrated
  • Focus on finding the simplest possible version of the idea

4. Actionable tags and next steps

  • Thumb-stopping content is actionable (actionable content: tags relevant people, pages, or hashtags for visibility, invites sharing and responses, clearly shows the next step)
  • Tell your audience what to do next – clearly articulate the action steps you want them to make

Thumb-stopping content spark an emotional response – make people laugh, make people cry, make people say ‘aww”, make people feel special, embrace pop culture (when it makes sense), take a stance (when it makes   sense).

Strategy 3 Build a practical promotions strategy

  • You don’t have to have a massive ad budget to get in front of people.
    Designate your budget: example to drive traffic to website page likes
    10%, post engagement 40% link clicks 50%
  • Expand your advertising options – magazines, blogs, streaming
    platforms, art events, radio and tv, sports teams, third party ad
    networks, micro influences (5 to 15k followers)
  • Build or join groups
  • Connect with appropriate influences

Key Takeaways:

  1.  Put your audience first.
  2. Create content that inspires emotion and stops your audience while they are scrolling past.
  3. Use creative multi-pronged strategies to get in front of your audience, online and offline.




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