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Blog by: Michelle Salzman, Founder Salz Studio

Randy Mitchelson, APR with iPartnermedia, spoke about Best behaviors to boost your Google ranking. @ipartnermedia

This workshop taught you how to break through the smoke and mirrors behind search engine optimization by looking at liv campaigns while using both the free and paid for tools.  His presentation gave a “30,000 square foot overview.”

Fact:  When searching on Google, 3 out of 4 people don’t go past the first page on search results.

SEO – search engine optimization: make sure your website isn’t just beautiful from a user interface perspective.  You need to ensure the website health is also good.  Having an audit ran on your website could greatly increase your search ability.  Google knows if your website isn’t “healthy” and will not return you in the best search search ranking if your website has problems.

Four Actions:

  • Research – site audit/ranking
  • Planning – account review/smart priorities
  • Implementation – onsite citations, content, backlinks & social media
  • Evaluation – impressions, key word ranking, traffic & your ROI

Check your current SEO rankings before you work on increasing your ranking.  The results on your keywords ranking will help you better understand what should be addressed.  For example, you could be ranking high in key words that you aren’t targeting- this creates site visits that aren’t meaningful.  Site speed is also something you should be checking.  These common issues can easily be fixed.

Randy also mentioned that you shouldn’t only rely on the major social media platforms.  There are several other outlets your company could potentially use such as: ActiveRain, Allignable, NextDoor, BiggerPockets, BrokerOutpost, Pinterest, RallyPoint & Untapped.  Niche platforms are very effective.

The four big takeaways from this presentation are:

  1. Focus on the big three concepts for your website:
    •       website health
    •       content
    •       backlinks
  1. Cost of in-house vs professional efficiency and ROI – keep in mind when shopping for professional SEO services that sometimes a good deal on your hosting and services could mean that you aren’t getting the quality you seek. But, you don’t have to pay for all services.  Google offers some great and free tools!  Examples include: Google my business, Google partners, Google accounts & Site speed.
  2. Patience and fortitude – SEO is a set of ongoing behaviors and tactics that build credibility over time.
  3. RPIE approach will help – remember that researching, planning, implementation and evaluation are key to SEO website success.
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