Elliot McLaughlin

Elliott McLaughlin
Key Account Director / Team Lead, PHMG

Elliott McLaughlin is a dynamic and accomplished creative professional with a passion for audio and branding. A seasoned Key Account Director for the world’s leading audio branding agency, PHMG, he has more than 12 years of experience in the audio industry. As a composer himself, has created campaign music for the likes of T-Mobile, MTV and the BBC. A versatile Project Manager and accredited member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Elliott is responsible for several of PHMG’s esteemed clients including Premier Sotheby’s, Heineken, Hoover and Coca Cola. Known for his expertise in commercial audio development, Elliott has a deep understanding of the fundamental links between music and emotion, and helps businesses devise an innovative audio brand to align perfectly with their values and vision. With a reputation for excellence and having been responsible for the development of over a thousand audio brands to date, Elliott is poised to captivate and educate conference attendees with his expertise, industry insights and innovative perspectives.

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