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By Brandi Welk (Pensacola Chapter)

FPRA15_0399To say that Jennifer Spivak is a Facebook genius is truly an understatement. The room was amazed by her wealth of knowledge and could have listened for an hour more. Spivak jumped right in with her first tip: NEVER USE “BOOST POST” ON FACEBOOK! Using the “boost” option on Facebook is really just for folks that are not knowledgeable in Facebook ads. Don’t let them fool you!

So Why Facebook Ads?

  • Cheap/Variable Cost.
  • Easy to measure results & track ROI in real time.
  • Unbeatable targeting.
  • Testing/real-time feedback.

Use Objective-Based Campaigns

  • Gives you the right people, and auto-optimizes for the action you want.
  • Please stop boosting posts – This is for people who really don’t know how to use Facebook ads. Get the most for your money!
  • Please don’t run a “likes” campaign – You pay twice. You pay once for the “like” and pay a second time to reach them.

The Power of Conversion Optimization

  • USE IT! Even if promoting a media mention or piece of content…. because is the end goal ever really just a click?
  • Pixel your pages if you don’t use conversion tracking to target them again later.

What is pixeling a page? A pixel is a line of HTML code. If you go on Facebook on the “Audience” tab, you can get a specific code generated and place it on your website. Once someone clicks through to your page promoted via your ad, you will now have those people stored as a unique audience. This audience can be targeted later!

Always, always, always TEST ADS!

Ad Testing Process

  • GOAL = Find ideal pairings or “winning” combinations.
  • RESULT = Decreased cost per action + copy/creative feedback.
  • Brainstorm, Test Pictures, Test Headlines, Test Audiences.
  • You would start and create three different ads with three different photos and test them against each other – Pick the winner!
  • Next test with winning photo and test the copy – Pick the winner!
  • Now test the audience – You now have a winning ad!
  • On average, you should spend $300 for ad testing.
  • TIP: Use a colorful image to catch people’s attention on Facebook.

Find the stuff that really works with reliable results and use it! Throughout the process, you are able to learn what types of messages work best with your audience.

Be Awesome at Targeting

  • Even if you know EXACTLY who your audience is, there are so many different ways to reach them!
  • Start broad; overlay with additional parameters.
  • Target by address during conference or events.
  • Use Google Trends to find top locations.
  • to target by magazines people read.
  • A note on B2B targeting (Facebook v. LinkedIn).

Tweetable Tidbits

Facebook knows where you are all the time!

Instagram ads through the Facebook platform is coming.

Find the stuff that really works with reliable results and use it!

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SpivakJ-42015Jennifer Spivak
Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

Jennifer Spivak is a digital marketing specialist with more than seven years of experience driving digital campaigns for brands and individuals looking to sell products and services online. An entrepreneur at heart, Spivak’s passion lies in helping startups cost – efficiently market their business online – reducing their cost of acquisition by an average of 75 percent. She is a marketing instructor and curriculum architect at the Startup Institute in Boston, and has been recognized by PR News’ Digital PR Awards and PR Daily’s Social Media Awards. Merging her background in PR and love of analytics, Spivak specializes in creating engaging, on-brand Facebook Advertising campaigns that drive cost-efficient results and positive ROI.

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