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Congratulations to the FPRA members who received credentials this year*!
*as of the FPRA 78th Annual Conference

2015 – 2016 APRS

  • Ginger Broslat, APR (Ocala Chapter)
  • Cristina Calvet Harrold, APR (Orlando Area Chapter)
  • Rebecca Crisafulli, APR (Space Coast Chapter)
  • Alayna Curry, APR (Orlando Area Chapter)
  • Francesca Donlan, APR (Southwest Florida Chapter)
  • Julie Primrose Hall, APR (Orlando Area Chapter)
  • Dayna Harpster, APR (Southwest Florida Chapter)
  • Rhonda Leiberick, APR (Central West Coast Chapter)
  • Alyson Lundell, APR (Orlando Area Chapter)
  • Laurie Michaelson, APR (Gainesville Chapter)
  • Randall Mitchelson, APR (Southwest Florida Chapter)
  • Leslie A. Moland, APR (Northwest Florida Chapter)
  • Joanna Newton, APR (Tampa Bay Chapter)
  • Gabrielle O’Boyle, APR (Southwest Florida Chapter)
  • Jenn Petion, APR (Gainesville Chapter)
  • Stephanie Pettis, APR (Northwest Florida Chapter)
  • Scott Schroeder, APR (Gainesville Chapter)
  • Tiffany Whitaker, APR (Southwest Florida Chapter)


2015-2016 APRs

2015 – 2016 CPRCs

  • Ginger Broslat, APR, CPRC (Ocala Chapter)
  • Devon Chestnut, APR, CPRC (Ocala Chapter)
  • Heather Danenhower, APR, CPRC (Ocala Chapter)
  • John Fleming, APR, CPRC (Capital Chapter)
  • Barbra Hernandez, APR, CPRC (Tampa Bay Chapter)
  • Jordan Jacobs, APR, CPRC (Orlando Area Chapter)
  • Alyson Lundell, APR, CPRC (Orlando Area Chapter)
  • Chad McLeod, APR, CPRC (Tampa Bay Chapter)
  • Karen Morgan, APR, CPRC (Tampa Bay Chapter)
  • Jay Morgan-Schleuning, APR, CPRC (Capital Chapter)
  • Gordon Paulus, APR, CPRC (Pensacola Chapter)

2015-2016 CPRCs

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