Division A - Public Relations Programs
Category 6 - Internal
2007 RTI Donate Life Month Campaign
Regeneration Technologies, Inc. Corporate Communications

Award of Distinction
Judges' Award

Research/Situation Analysis: At Regeneration Technologies, Inc. (RTI), our employees carry out the wishes of organ and tissue donors every day by processing donated human tissue into biologic implants used in a variety of surgical procedures. Although our employees are aware of this core business function, not all fully understand all the aspects of organ and tissue donation for themselves and their families. Empowering our employees with the knowledge of the donation process provides a greater appreciation of each employee’s vital role at RTI. April is nationally designated as Donate Life Month, a celebration of the life given through organ, tissue and eye donation, and in previous years, the company had put together events in observance. The corporate communications team analyzed previous years’ Donate Life Month events and past surveys to develop objectives and significantly enhance the event. While previous internal campaigns have provided a foundation of organ and tissue donation awareness, the primary purpose of this year’s campaign was to enrich that existing knowledge of donation among all employees and to create awareness among new employees. In previous years’ campaigns, no concerted efforts were made to reach out to our four regional offices throughout the country, comprising 17.5% of our employees. Therefore, we expanded our scope to focus on including these employees in all campaign components.

Objectives: 1) To educate all employees, including those off site, on the importance of organ and tissue donation by April 30, 2007. 2) To increase the percentage of employees who have made the commitment to donate from 70 to 75 % by April 30, 2007. 3) To increase the number of attendees at our educational Life is Sweet event from 97 to 150, including those on Web cast. 4) To have 50 % of the 27 RTI departments and external regional offices participate in the first ever RTI employee quilt challenge. 5) To increase the number of completed surveys from 98 to 150.

Implementation: In observance of 2007 Donate Life Month, we hosted a series of promotions, activities and events, including an e-newsletter, distribution of educational materials, a quilt project, an educational event and formation of RTI’s Third Annual Living Green Ribbon, the symbol representing donation. The campaign was implemented in several phases. RTI’s Donate Life Month kicked off on April 2, 2007 with the first of four weekly employee e-newsletters, which were distributed to all RTI employees and included event information, facts on donation and donor and recipient stories. The e-newsletters and other Donate Life Month updates were added to the company’s Intranet as well. The corporate communications staff was able to ensure that every employee had an additional opportunity to be educated on donation through an informational card and Donate Life pin inserted into the first paycheck of April. Concurrently, all RTI departments/regional offices received an informational packet on the first ever RTI employee quilt and materials for their quilt square. The quilt project, which is frequently done with donor families in memoriam of organ and tissue donors, was initiated to encourage employee collaboration and interpretation of organ and tissue donation on a one foot square of fabric. The department squares were turned in to be pieced together to create a quilt representative of RTI employees’ feelings about donation. The month culminated in the Life is Sweet educational event intended for all employees. Offsite employees were able to participate via Web cast. At this event, employees received a free green T-shirt and a plethora of desserts to remind them that “life is sweetest when shared.” Offsite employees received free green T-shirts in the mail before the event. At the Life is Sweet event, employees enjoyed a line-up of inspirational speakers including donor families, transplant recipients and RTI employees encouraging others to “Donate Life.” At the conclusion of the speakers and quilt unveiling, employees gathered on the lawn outside of the RTI administration building, donning green T-shirts. Employees positioned themselves to form a living green ribbon, the symbol of the life given through organ and tissue donation, and a photographer took an aerial photo. During and immediately after the culminating Life is Sweet event, surveys were distributed to all employees by hand and online. Employees were given a Wonka chocolate bar for returning completed surveys, with a chance to win football tickets if they found the one Wonka bar with the Golden Ticket.

Evaluation: The post-event survey was distributed to RTI employees who attended the Life is Sweet educational event. The event evaluation proved that we successfully met and/or exceeded our objectives: 1) Through weekly e-newsletters, Intranet announcements, paycheck inserts, the department quilt project and an educational event, all employees were educated on organ and tissue donation by April 30, 2007. 2) The percentage of employees who returned a survey and who have made the commitment to donate was increased from 70 % to 85 % by April 30, 2007, exceeding our objective by 13 % and exceeding last year’s results by 21.4 %. 3) Approximately 186 employees attended RTI’s Life is Sweet educational event on April 26, 2007, exceeding our objective by 24 % and improving participation from our last educational event by 91.8 %. 4) 100% of the 27 RTI departments/regional offices participated in the first ever RTI employee quilt challenge, exceeding our objective by 100 %. 5) We received 160 completed surveys following our campaign, exceeding our objective and increasing last year’s results by 63.3 %. Also, we received very favorable feedback on two first-time activities – the e-newsletter and RTI employee quilt. Survey results reported that 86 % of respondents felt that the e-newsletter was an effective tool to inform them on organ and tissue donation and of upcoming activities/events. Ninety % of respondents felt that the quilt project provided departments with an opportunity to express their interpretation of donation. Further, 82.5 % of survey respondents felt that the Life is Sweet event was an effective way to communicate information about organ and tissue donation.

Budget: We set a budget of $5,000 for this campaign. The campaign tools used to build awareness and educate RTI employees cost: $680 for quilt project supplies; $425 for food and beverages; $2,581 for T-shirts for all employees; $700 for video compilation to show at Life is Sweet event; and $546.06 for promotional items. The total campaign budget was $4,932.06.