In Association News, Student Members

We’ve had a great month of recruiting new student members! Please give them all a big Welcome!



Bethune-Cookman University

Demetria Davis



Florida State University

Amanda Miller
Josie Smith






University of Central Florida

Sarah Abdul
Ashley Albers
Annie Allred
Natalie Alvarez
Albert Aronov
Ashley Bejsovec
Megan Bunce
Patricia Cases
Rachael Christopher
Annabella DelGrosso
Jaimelee Duran
Samantha Engler
Carolina Gomez
Mikaela Hildreth
Madison Kjosa
Victoria Lavan-Rodriguez
Daniela Lozano
Kassandra Marin
Colleen McCaffrey
Cynthia Minervini
Cynthia Moffett
Jessica Moore
Kelsey Oliveira
Jalen Oliver
Hailey Pope
Jeshmarie Ramos
Annie Rein
Ashley Rickman
Charisse Rivera
Zariya Squires
Alyssa Taylor
Gretchen Wiemer
Kathy Young Serrano

Did you know FPRA has 12 student chapters? Learn more about them.

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