With your virtual registration you will be given access to recordings of the following General Sessions. Each of these recordings will be made available the day following the live presentation (see availability listing below). These recordings will be assigned to you by the email you use to register and are not shareable.


  • General Sessions I & II will be made available on Tuesday, August 10.
  • General Sessions III, IV & V will be made available on Wednesday, August 11.
  • General Session VI will be made available on Thursday, August 12.

Note: Recording of the sessions below will be captured by one camera positioned in the back of the ballroom at the live conference.

Virtual conference recorded general sessions, seated FPRA members looking at a presenter flanked by giant screens
Virtual conference recorded general sessions, FPRA member turning around and giving a thumbs up with FPRA members behind him

How to Leverage Social Media to Go Viral & Gain Publicity!
Presented by Jon Jacques

Imagine if you had the power to get your product, service or message out to millions of people … at the push of a button?! During this year’s opening keynote, you’ll learn how to properly leverage social media to unlock this power! Viral expert and influencer Jon Jacques will reveal the secrets to gaining millions of organic views, attracting free publicity and unlocking once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. In a few short years, Jon’s viral strategies have generated over 1 billion views and $150 million in sales for his clients, which include Disney, Honda, Sony, Starwood, AT&T and Anheuser-Busch.


  • The truth about why most of your posts max out at 100 to 200 likes (HINT: It has very little to do with what you’re posting)
  • The dangerously effective tactic that Jon used to gain 34 million views on a video … without spending $1 on advertising
  • How to effortlessly attract potential press opportunities and brand partnerships via social media

“You Said What to the Reporter?” 25 Years of Learnings Working for an Iconic Global Brand
Presented by Ben Deutsch

As the former vice president of corporate communications for The Coca-Cola Company, Ben Deutsch had a bird’s-eye view of a business that operates in more than 200 countries and a hands-on role managing the issues and challenges that tested the corporate reputation of the global beverage company. Deutsch will share his career journey and personal experiences — the good and not-so-good — that helped shape his approach to communications, leadership, diversity, building relationships and advancing within an organization.

SPONSORED BY: Firehouse Subs and the Jacksonville Chapter

Transformation and Public Relations: A Perpetual State of Change
Presented by Lynn Hanessian

The pandemic can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform the advancement and impact of public relations. As we recover from unprecedented disruption and loss, we’ll look forward to how we are able to advance our profession and the practice of our craft — one uniquely able to help our organizations and colleagues thrive. Illustrated by intensive Edelman Trust Barometer research conducted from the beginning of the pandemic, we can understand and respond to dramatic shifts in trust and expectations, with clear lessons for all of us.


  • Meeting the expectations of your colleagues, customers and stakeholders is no longer optional. Business performance and success relies on public relations.
  • There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to communications. Understanding your audiences and stakeholders and embracing analytics at all stages of your work has never been more important as media, content, beliefs and individual experiences become more and more diverse.
  • Continuous learning is the foundation for a successful public relations career — at any stage. Building that into your personal development, job performance and the characteristics of your teams should be reflected in your KPIs.

Building an Effective Multigenerational Workforce
Presented by Jeff Butler

Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials and soon Generation Zers will all work together to accomplish common organizational goals. But with differences in each of their viewpoints, upbringings, culture, ideas, beliefs and experiences, it is likely organizations will see some tiffs or clashes. This makes managing four different generations in the workplace an extremely difficult task to accomplish, though not impossible. With the right guidance, support and advice, the task of managing these four generations under one roof is achievable. In this program, best-selling author Jeff Butler, backed by a decade of psychological research, shares insights about motivations, differences and communication styles among people of different ages. You will learn how organizations across various industries are thriving with a multigenerational workforce. And how yours can too. Through this program you’ll find specific actionable strategies to manage your cross-generational challenges and turn your multigenerational workforce into a competitive advantage.


  • Discover potential points of generational conflict and tactics to handle them
  • Learn how to strengthen cross-generational communication
  • Obtain specific strategies to leverage multi-generational opportunities

A Journalism Trends and Media Pitching
Presented by Lauren B. Worley

Media pitching and public relations have transformed as digital platforms have taken over as our primary source of information. They’ve also changed how reporters do their jobs and how news and media outlets present stories to their subscribers. During this session, we’ll talk about top tips and emerging practices for pitching stories and getting coverage in a challenging and crowded media environment.


  • Understanding how local reporters and media outlets are communicating with their subscribers drives how and when they share their content.
  • Not all stories deserve equal treatment on all platforms so creating a powerful communications plan requires understanding platform audiences.
  • Using stories, real-experiences and consumer-generated content is a powerful way we can improve our communication efforts.

From PR Pro to CEO: A Conversation with First Watch’s Chris Tomasso
Presented by Chris Tomasso

Join us for a candid conversation with First Watch CEO and President Chris Tomasso. Chris led public relations and marketing efforts for prestigious brands like Hard Rock Café and Cracker Barrel before joining First Watch, the nation’s leading breakfast, brunch and lunch concept. He’ll share stories and learnings from his experience helping to grow First Watch from 50 to 400 restaurants during his 15-year tenure, including an inside look at how a strong communications strategy helped him lead the brand to prosperity during the largest public health crisis in modern history.


  • When it comes to personal and professional growth, seek out mentors and build relationships! Reach out to your boss, your CEO, someone you admire in the industry, and ask them to lunch.
  • Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. It’s OK to take unconventional steps (strategically, of course) to make an impact!
  • During times of both prosperity and crisis, communicating with an organization’s internal audience — its employees — should remain the first and most important priority. Transparency is key, and without it, trust falters and confidence in leadership can plummet.
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