If you are unable to attend FPRA’s 82nd Annual Conference in-person perhaps the following virtual offerings may fit your needs. This year, FPRA is happy to announce that some of this year’s conference offerings will be accessible via your own personal computer.

Provided as a complete package, registration is now open. The deadline to register for ALL virtual conference-related offerings is now closed. The cost, per person, to register for members is $450. For non-members, it’s $525 per person. Included with registrations is the following:

Note: Registrants will receive invites to register for live Zoom sessions following receipt of their paid registration.

Nine (9) Live Zoom Webinar Session Offerings

Webinar Session Details – Click Here

  • How to Use Social Media for Effective Always-On Brand Storytelling
  • PR & Digital Regulations: How New Laws Are Affecting PR Practice in the 2020s
  • Business Storytelling the Hollywood Way
  • 10 Marketing Metrics That Mean Absolutely Nothing (& What to Track Instead)
  • Is Strategic Planning by the PR Department Strategic or Planned?
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as Corporate Social Responsibility: How PR Can Lead Positive Change
  • Half Hearts and Whole Minds: A New Approach to Internal Communications
  • PR in a Time of Heightened Awareness of Racial Equality
  • Media Training C-Suite Executives

Six (6) Recorded General Sessions

Recorded General Session Details – Click Here

  • How to Leverage Social Media to Go Viral & Gain Publicity!
  • 25 Years of Learnings Working for an Iconic Global Brand
  • Transformation & PR: A Perpetual State of Change
  • Building an Effective Multigenerational Workforce
  • Journalism Trends and Media Pitching
  • From PR Pro to CEO: A Conversation with First Watch’s Chris Tomasso

Two (2) Award Events: One Recorded & One Live Stream

Award Event Details – Click Here

  • Presidents’ Luncheon (Recorded)
  • Golden Image (Live Stream)

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