Get the Annual Conference App on Your Smartphone and Tablet’s Home Screen Today! 

  1. Go to the app’s web page by clicking here.
  2. Add the web-based app as a button to your home screen. Video tutorial for iPhone. Video tutorial for Android.

Build your personal conference schedule, view speaker profiles and more! The free and easy-to-use app for tablets and smartphones is a must-have for conference attendees.

How to Build Your Conference Schedule:

Click on a color-coded session you would like to attend. Once you select a session, the app will direct you to that session’s page with the information and details about that specific session.

  1. On that page, click the button under the session’s color-coded title box, called “Add to My Sched.” When you click that button, that specific session will be added to your own personal Annual Conference schedule.
  2. If you added a session by mistake, go back and click on that button again to remove the session from your personal schedule.
  3. Repeat the process for additional sessions you plan on attending to help you stay organized throughout Annual Conference.
  4. When you complete your schedule, go to the black column on the left side of the app’s home screen, scroll down and click on the “My Sched” tab where your customized Annual Conference schedule will appear.

App Tip: Customize Your Profile Information

  1. To edit your profile, click the circle profile button at the top right of the app home screen.
  2. Select “settings” from the drop-down menu.
  3. From there, you can add your profile information, including your headshot and social accounts.
  4. Click the “save settings” button to update your profile.
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