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Lisa Gerber is a story strategist and communications expert who, through coaching and training programs, helps purpose-driven leaders articulate their ideas so they can connect with the communities they serve and influence action. She is on a mission to eliminate meaningless drivel so leaders can show up as themselves. From land conservation, wilderness education and animal welfare to education, health and wellness, she has helped leaders shape perception and motivate behaviors so they can transform, elevate the positioning and debunk misperceptions about their organizations. She is the author of “From So What? To So Funded: How nonprofits use story to create impact and change the world.” She hosts the podcast, “Breaking Trail,” where she speaks with leaders in the nonprofit sector, and she volunteers as director of strategy for the nonprofit Their Story: Giving Voice to Refugees. When she is not in her office, she might be out skiing, trail running or mountain biking with her husband and dogs. That’s where she does her best creative work. Learn more at

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