Lynn Hanessian is the chief strategist for Edelman in the US. In her position, she brings together industry, content, and media expertise to craft campaigns to achieve the business objectives of her clients. She’s focused on health and science engagement initiatives, businesses and organizations.

She has built teams, business and new offerings, cultivating a culture of learning while helping her clients thrive during periods of change. Lynn closely monitors emerging trends to help her clients see around the corners ahead. This has been critically important over the past year, when navigating the convergence of pandemic, racial injustice and consumer activism.

Lynn has led regional, national and global teams. She has designed and led public awareness campaigns, integrated marketing programs and corporate reputation initiatives. She has also provided strategic direction for critical business landmarks. Lynn is a c-suite counselor, providing guidance on executive visibility and engagement in all media.

She has a degree in economics from the University of Chicago.


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