Professional Wearer of Many Hats isn’t something you can put on a LinkedIn profile, but it may be the best way to describe Dan Farkas.

Dan is a lecturer of strategic communication at Ohio State University, where he teaches courses on research, strategy, content creation, measurement and analytics. The BBC and Mashable are some of the media outlets that have featured Dan as a thought leader on the changing landscape of strategic communication.

Dan is also a business owner who practices the craft when not chasing late homework assignments or his two kids. His latest endeavor is PassPR, a venture that aims to bridge the gap among higher education, the needs of employers and the capacity of students.

Dan’s PR efforts have earned recognition from PRSA and the Ohio Society of Association Executives. He helped clients received media coverage with the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Associated Press.

In a former life, Dan earned more than 20 awards for his work in television news. His work appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and


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