In 2009 Annual Conference

APR - CPRCCongratulations are in order for the PR professionals who have taken the next step in their career by earning their APR or CPRC designation.

APR is a mark of distinction for public relations practitioners who commit to the profession through ethical practices and sound judgment, demonstrating both broad and deep knowledge of best practices, and use of the research, planning, implementation and evaluation (RPIE) process. Currently, more than 5,000 professionals from the agency, corporate, association and education fields hold the APR mark.

Congratulations to our newly Accredited members

Lynn Hobeck Bates, APR – Central West Coast Chapter

Carey Beam, APR – Space Coast Chapter

Kevin Coulson, APR – Gainesville Chapter

Suzanne E. Dameron, APR – Central West Coast Chapter

Jan M. Dobson, APR – Capital Chapter

Nancy Gay, APR – Tampa Bay Chapter

Sandra Dimsdale Horan, APR – Dick Pope/Polk County Chapter

Jordan Wilson Jacobs, APR – Capital Chapter

Mischa Kirby, APR – Central West Coast Chapter

Lorin Pratt, APR – Capital Chapter

Emily Wingate Read, APR – Capital Chapter

Colleen Raccioppi, APR, Gainesville Chapter

Melissa Sanders, APR – Central West Coast Chapter

Fernando R. Senra, APR – Capital Chapter

Heidi Taulman, APR – Southwest Florida Chapter

Kate Walter, APR – Southwest Florida Chapter

Mary Wymer, APR – Pensacola Chapter

Dorothy Zimmerman, APR – Gainesville Chapter


The Florida Public Relations Association introduced the Certified Public Relations Counselor (CPRC) credential in 1974. The CPRC is the second tier credential offered by FPRA. The certification process was developed to recognize professional growth and achievement of senior members who have already earned the APR designation. Candidates for CPRC must be a member of FPRA and have a minimum of 10 years of professional practice in public relations.

Currently, there are more than 90 CPRCs throughout the state of Florida.

Congratulations to this year’s Certified Public Relations Counselors

Kevin Christian, APR, CPRC – Ocala Chapter

Maria Coppola, APR, CPRC – Jacksonville Chapter

Suzanne E. Dameron, APR, CPRC – Central West Coast Chapter

Ryan Gerds, APR, CPRC – Gainesville Chapter

Jenny Highlander, APR, CPRC – Gainesville Chapter

Amy Kingery, APR, CPRC – Nature Coast Chapter

Erin Morton, APR, CPRC – Gainesville Chapter

Julie Platt, APR, CPRC – Central West Coast Chapter

Suzanne Sparling, APR, CPRC – Space Coast Chapter

Jennifer Trefelner, APR, CPRC – Treasure Coast Chapter

Dan Ward, APR, CPRC – Orlando Area Chapter




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