What is YOUR #myFPRA story?

I was a young ambitious practitioner when a colleague suggested I join FPRA. I took her advice and it turns out that was one of the best professional decisions I ever made.

I remember attending my first FPRA meeting. The members were welcoming, the speaker was outstanding and the subject matter was relevant to the work that fell within my portfolio. Add the professionalism exhibited and I was one impressed new member!  I immediately felt this association would yield great benefits to me and my career. And I was so right.

Over the years I found myself wanting to emulate many of the professionals I had the great pleasure of meeting through FPRA.  I longed to be witty like Lynn S., Bob G., Joe C., Rick O. and Frances McM.  I found myself wanting to write as eloquently as Carole S., Lanette H., Cindy S., Adrienne M. and Dr. Jay. If I ever served as state president I wanted to conduct engaging and effective state board meetings like Kathy G. and Trish K.   I desired to exude professionalism at the highest level like Lisa M., Janet D. and Karen M. did. I sought to be as knowledgeable about new communication trends and tools as Dell G., Mickey N., and Chris G. I wanted sparkly Golden Image awards and those cool letters after my name. I wanted outstanding professional development so I could become a more valuable member of my management team.

I wanted a lot from FPRA. I got so much more.

I benefited from expert presentations; access to case studies; growing professionally through the accreditation and certification process; serving in leadership roles and networking with peers to find solutions and support.  Most importantly, I like to think I gained a bit of the best from the most accomplished public relations professionals around the state.  They greatly added to my professional tool box and are now treasured friends.

It’s been almost 30 years since I joined FPRA, now I am retiring from this exciting and rewarding profession. Without a doubt FPRA and its professionals have made the greatest positive impact on my career. By investing in FPRA, you make an investment in you. And that’s priceless.

Leah Lauderdale, APR, CPRC

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