stephanie nelson headshotStephanie Nelson is the Marketing and Communications coordinator of the Visiting Nurse Association in Vero Beach. She is the secretary of the Treasure Coast chapter and shares her networking story that helped her land a public relations position.

I actually met my current supervisor through FPRA years ago, as well as the person (FPRA Space Coast member Sara Almond), whose position I assumed. For years I never knew we had any connection other than through FPRA until after I started working for the VNA last December. As it turns out my husband grew up with and went to school with my current supervisor and fellow FPRA member, Meg Cunningham. And my brother-in-law works with Sara Almond’s husband at Harris Corporation. That part fascinates me.

I believe being an FPRA member and participating in FPRA events allows you to connect and establish relationships with people that you may not otherwise meet. To that end, you never know if someone you interacted with at an FPRA gathering might approach you about a job opportunity in the future.

Sometimes all we need is a foot in the door – FPRA can be that foot.

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