Building and Refreshing Your
Leadership Resilience

Are you ready to shift your energy, reinvigorate your perspective about the future, and find your inspiration?

Carolyn Maue, President of The Maue Center proudly introduces The Leadership Resilience Program an exclusive offer to FPRA members. Two trusted Maue Center colleagues, Dan Feldman and Colleen Bastian, will provide this customized valuable program to help you during this challenging time.

What is the Leadership Resilience Program?

Leadership Resilience is the capability to adapt and bounce back from challenges to successfully lead others. The Leadership Resilience Program is an intensive virtual development program. It offers approaches and techniques for growing, sustaining, and reinvigorating you and your leadership. The program dives directly into the critical understandings of how to build leadership resilience to thrive and succeed in today’s challenging environment.

Learning Outcomes for the Factors of Leadership Resilience

There are 6 key factors that make up leadership resilience. Through the Leadership Resilience Program, jump start your adaptability and bounce back by focusing on the essential factors for leadership resilience.

Boosting Wellbeing – This underpinning factor is the foundation for leadership resilience. Learn quick techniques for optimizing your energy and self-care, and coping strategies to take care of your body, mind and emotions.

Realistic Optimism – Recognize the nuances of balancing realism and optimism to steadily guide and lead through challenges while focusing on success.

Clear Purpose – Dig deep to draw from your core values to better inspire and guide others.

Getting Real – Practicing tools to align your thoughts and actions, be transparent, and act assertively and genuinely to challenge and motivate others.

Relationship Mojo – Focus on the skills for building collaborative relationships, managing conflict, and demonstrating understanding of others’ thoughts and feelings, to enhance connection and followership.

Can-Do Problem Solving – Applying rapid and effective approaches to comprehensively solve problems.

Core Program Format

  • Participants take the Leadership Resilience Assessment to identify their developmental focus
  • Four 90-minute learning events with participant guide and individual development plan
  • Each learning event is laser-focused on the essential steps to build and apply leadership resilience and includes interactive presentation and group coaching in a fast-paced, optimized learning environment

Fee: $425 for all of the above


09/17/2020 11am-12:30pm
10/01/2020 11am-12:30pm
10/15/2020 11am-12:30pm
10/29/2020 11am-12:30pm
Dan Feldman headshot

Dan Feldman, Ph.D.
President, Leadership Performance Solutions
Dan Feldman, Ph.D. has been an executive coach and leadership development expert for more than 25 years and is a certified professional facilitator. Dan helps his clients address their leadership challenges, build sustainable leadership, and inspire their teams to excel.

Colleen Bastian headshot

Colleen Bastian, Ph.D.
President, Invoke Leadership
Colleen Bastian, Ph.D. is an executive coach and leadership and diversity consultant who achieves business results through applying psychology principals and her business background to help her clients reach their greatest potential.

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