forumWelcome to the FPRA forum! This members-only section of the FPRA website was created to give you a place to discuss PR- and FPRA-related topics with your peers. Find the discussion below that relates to your question or comment, and start contributing today. If you’d like to connect with your peers one-on-one, don’t forget that you can use the FPRA Member Directory to find their contact information. You can sort the directory by name, chapter, organization and industry. Please be sure that your profile on the FPRA website is up-to-date so that other FPRA members will be able to find you.

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  3. All discussions in this forum should maintain a professional tone. The goal of the FPRA Forum is to provide members with enlightening discussion and useful information that helps them achieve the organization’s mission.

The Florida Public Relations Association reserves the right to delete any posts that do not follow these guidelines.

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