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2012 FPRA Monday
By: Samantha Scott, APR

A long-time leader, Lou Heckler’s mantra is “Achieving Excellence”. Lou is a humorous educator, motivational speaker, author and professional broadcaster.

5 Traits the Are Common Among High Achievers

  1. All peak performers have a powerful, personal vision. Peak performers have a personal vision that creates a way they want to see the world. This creates a drive in them to fashion their work and their related world to meet this vision. Peak performers have standards and they don’t just employ them occasionally, they are employed with consistency. This consistency of standards translates into concrete actions in support of their personal vision for how they desire the world to be.
  2. Peak performers’ vision creates a concrete mission. With a vision, peak performers can create a concrete mission. It requires deliberate practice, such as what Olympians do. Simply going through the motions will achieve average performance. Deliberate practice requires goal setting, efforts towards achieving those goals, feedback (positive or negative), correcting/tweaking and/or enhancement, and adjusted repetition.
  3. Peak performers capitalize on their unique gifts and use them for the good of others. If it’s humor, inspiration, organization or otherwise, peak performers use their gifts to help others. Peak performers find, even in the simplest activity, something that will inspire those around them. They use their gifts to help others, which ultimately supports their effort for self and organizational benefit.
  4. Balance patience with action. As PR leaders/practitioners, we are on call all the time. We balance many activities and initiatives leading to a fast-paced work life. However, sometimes we have to do it/achieve our goals “one hop at a time”. Peak performers work efficiently, but are in the moment and enjoy the moment. They look at ways they can channel impatience into something more positive. Rushing to the end isn’t always the best and often leads to overlooking important, smaller components.
  5. Peak performers willingly, purposefully and consistently bring people with them. As we go higher up the ladder, it’s harder to receive recognition and appreciation for hard work. It’s not like when we start out and you receive frequent support and encouragement. Peak performers celebrate what’s good, positive, and powerful and people who are able to change the world. We can all be peak performers with the right focus.

Lou Heckler, based in Gainesville, Fla., is a motivational humorist and business speaker with more than 40 years experience in managing, motivating and directing others. He served on the adjunct faculty at the University of Michigan’s Executive Education Center for 19 years. Heckler is a Certified Speaking Professional and was inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame in 1992. In 2010, readers of “Meetings and Conventions” Magazine named him as one of their favorite keynote speakers. He annually gives dozens of speeches for corporations, trade associations and educational institutions. In addition, a portion of Lou’s business each year is coaching other professional speakers. Before starting his own business in 1980, he spent 14 years in television in a variety of on-air and management positions.

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