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CPRC is subjective process of using your knowledge of public relations in responding to a series of questions related to various phases of the business. Your answers will reflect your experiences with your clients and / or businesses.  There are not necessarily right and wrong answers within the CPRC exam.  They will demonstrate your knowledge of the overall profession.

CPRC is just a Florida credential provided through the Florida Public Relations Assn.  It is designed to recognize professional growth and achievement for senior-level members.  It is a unique, second tier exclusively for FPRA.

You do not need an agency background for the test.  You need to base your answers on how you would tell an employer or client to handle a situation.

REQUIREMENTS:  APR and 10 years of professional experience / 1 year to complete the process / Written and Oral sections.

The written exam consists of essay questions.  Answers should include strategic approaches and address key elements presented in each scenario.  The oral exam is a 30-minute presentation on a particular project.

On the written exam, each question has a timeline and you should pay attention to that.  The number of minutes are allocated to the number of points per question.  Grammar and correct sentence structure are not necessary.  Sometimes it is good to go to the questions that you know the answer for and then go back to the questions that will take a little time.  The test did take every minute of the time allocated for the day.  It is easy to keep adding onto the question, but following the time is important.  70% or more is required to pass the test.

Candidates are identified by a code, not by name, to protect privacy.  Two CPRC examiner will grade the exam.  A third member will be available if it is necessary for scoring agreement.

The scoring is designed to evaluate the knowledge, skills and abilities on the written test and gain support for your project.  Ability to present a public relations plan and gain acceptance and support from decisions makers, such as senior management, boards of directors, clients and other stakeholders.

Dress comfortably in business attire for the oral project.  You can use flip chart, PowerPoint, etc. and other media.  In the oral exam, introduction, transition from one point to another, eye contact, conclusion, delivery, effectiveness and overall impression are being considered.  The presentation is made to three CPRC FPRA panels.  Oral exam is 35 points.

A Study group may be established to assist candidates to tap into the knowledge of fellow FPRA members, review PR case study books, and review winning Golden Image entries posted on

Two Recommended books are listed below.  It is also recommended to read Image awards that are different from projects you would be doing, plus online sample questions and answer.  There is a sample test online in the preparation materials.  Questions are updated every few years. Here are two books to be reviewed:

Public Relations Practices /

Cases in Public Relations Management / Patricia Swann


Complete Application / With Payment / Advise local chair / Certification Chair will arrange dates, times and locations are convenient for you. a proctor for a written exam and panelists for the oral exam.

The State Office strives for a two-week turnaround.  The oral exam may be repeated after 30 days with no charge.  The written exam may be repeated for $75 fee after 30 days.  They want you take the extra 30 days to re-study.  You will receive feedback regarding the sections of the test that you did not pass and will need to re-take.

Contact your local chapter

Contact the State Office at 941-365-2135 or

Contract VP of Accreditation Certification

There are no maintenance requirements for the credentials.

Samples questions were provided. 

You want to have all of your facts straight and don’t want to have to correct it later on.  The response could be  in bullet points and does not necessarily have to be in narrative detail.  Demonstrate that you know the strategies and audiences, social media, and other appropriate media.

Find a study buddy to keep both of you on track to study, schedule the test, etc.


Susan Ennis, APR, CPRC, president and founder of EnSpire Communication Consultants in Orlando, Fla.,
is Accredited in Public Relations and a Certified Public Relations Counselor. She has more than 20 years of experience in corporate communications and business development and is actively involved in the Florida Public Relations Association as this year’s Vice President of Accreditation and Certification.

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