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2012 Presidents' Luncheon

Susan Ennis, APR, CPRC, FPRA Vice President of Accreditation/Certification honored these individuals who received their accreditation or certification during the past year:


Accredited in Public Relations

Cynthia Brownfield, APR

Allison Campbell, APR

Kevin O. Christian, APR

Barbra Hernandez-Cortes, APR

Heather C. Danenhower, APR

Tiffany A. Esposito, APR

Patricia B. Landsman, APR

Liana Lopez, APR

Michael McCarthy, APR

Kathryn Ann Mehl, APR

Sandi E. Poreda, APR

Pamela Rittenhouse, APR

Joy D. Samsel, APR

Peveeta Seeraj, APR

Angeline E. Strait, APR

Christine D. Velasquez, APR


Certified Public Relations Counselor

Greg Caires, APR, CPRC

Jennifer Fennell, APR, CPRC

Tracy Louthain, APR, CPRC

Amanda Wettstein, APR, CPRC

Julie Yeh, APR, CPRC


Congratulations to all! You can see additional photos here.

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