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In this era of data-driven decision making, public relations professionals are pressured to supply hard numbers to show results.  As the media landscape continues to evolve, it’s no longer enough to simply capture eyeballs or count page views.  A measurement program that incorporates quantitative and qualitative metrics can help public relations correlate efforts with results.  This session reviewed tips and tricks to make you more efficient as well as how social media needs to be tracked to accommodate The Sunshine Law.

The Paradox of Emerging Media

  • Expanding media outreach
  • Managing the message
  • Respecting online and social media etiquette
  • Complying with copyright


  • Evernote is a note-taking application.  Notes can be taken from desktop, online or phone.  Each note can be text, an image, a file, audio, etc.  Even text which shows up in a photo is searchable.
  • Browsers:
    • Firefox & Google Chrome
    • Third Party Plugins:
      • Evernote
      • SumbleUpon
      • Shareholic
      • ScreenGrab
      • TwitThat
      • Better Gmail 2
      • AdBlock Plus
      • Google+ – Make sure you understand capabilities and how it fits into your organization.


  • Including a link to a news story about your company on your website is a violation of copyright.
  • All brands should not be everywhere.
  • Understand the language of your audience.  For example, a “maybe” on a Facebook event is most-likely a “no.”
  • Gone are the days of the journalism beat.  Most journalists are covering many beats.
  • Understand that you must sometimes communicate via a different channel. For example, in hyperlocal, or niche communities, communicating via print is sometimes the preferred method of communication.
  • Know where your business spends money and how it makes money.  Understand how public relations affects this.
  • Putting social media on your resume is the equivalent of saying you can type.  Put it in perspective.
  • Excel is the most commonly understood measurement tool in the C suite.  You don’t need a fancy reporting tool.

Mobile Apps

  • Do you need an app to communicate with stakeholders? To determine if you do, create an online ad and run with an error page on the other end to see if people are ready to engage you that way.  This is a low-cost way to determine before you spend the money on an app.
  • Determine how this channel fits into other communication activities
  • Html5 – you must have someone who is a Html5 expert

The Valid Metrics Framework

  • Awareness, Understanding, Interest, Support, Action
  • PR Activity, Intermediary Effect, Target Audience Effect
  • Track these over time
  • Look for trends
  • Consider plotting outcome metrics from the “Target Audience Effect” row against metrics from the “Intermediary Effect” row to show correlations
  • There is no single replacement for AVEs. PR is a broad discipline that requires multiple metrics tied to well-defined objectives
  • To provide a dollar denomination for PR, use:
    • Total value of sales/sales leads/revenue generated by PR activities
    • PR activities’ contribution to sales/sales leads/revenue
    • Cost savings due to PR

Florida Sunshine Law

  • You must archive all social media posts or you are violating the law
  • BurrellesLuce
    • Provides executive summary
    • Archives everything on social media
    • Shows all fans and who you are interacting with
    • This backs you up and protects you
    • Helps with media measurement and presentations
    • Ensures messages are getting out
    • Have been able to educate board on what social media is

Archiving Text Messages

  • Texts are public records
  • Cc to an email address
  • There is not a resource yet that captures text messages

Johna Burke
SVP, BurrellesLuce
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LinkedIn: Johna Burke

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