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As you decide when to embark on your journey to destination APR, think about what is in your public relations “experience case.”

To prepare for your journey, make a checklist and consider:
Time – Are you able to fit studying into your work schedule? Create a timeline for yourself to see when it will fit into your schedule.

Preparation – Be strategic in your preparation. Look at your experiences and education in combination with the written test to create a study timeline. Reach out to accredited members in your chapter for tips and practice your readiness review.

The Process – The APR exam is broken into two sections: a readiness review and the computer-based examination. You must first pass a readiness review – a presentation of your work to a panel of accredited public relations professionals to assess if you are ready to move forward in the APR process.

Review the Readiness Review questionnaire here.  

To prepare for the computer-based examination, you are strongly encouraged to sit in on your chapter-based study sections and read the recommended text. The competencies and KSAs tested on the computer-based examinations can be found here.

Experience – A common question is, “What if I am new to public relations but have years of related experience?’’ Previously there was a requirement of at least five years of experience in public relations. However, there is no longer a minimum requirement for your experience. If you feel you are ready to take the exam, reach out to your credentialing chair to see when is the best time to embark on the journey.

The Test – There are 188 questions on the computer based examination and you must obtain a 69 percent to pass the exam. To prepare for the examination, check out the list of recommended texts and the new 2010 study guide.

Cost – There are two payment options available: 1) One payment of $385 and 2) Two payments of $210. As a bonus, if you take the exam within 30 days of passing your readiness review you are eligible for a $100 rebate from the FPRA state organization.

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