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By: Enriqueta Balandra – Central West Coast Chapter (IG: @enriquetarose)

Do you think you’re creative? Did you dress yourself this morning? If you answered yes, then you’re creative. Creativity is not constant great ideas popping into someone’s mind. Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value.

Tim Walsh shared wonderful stories of the board game industry and helpful hacks to hone in on your creativity to make yourself more productive.

In 1990, Tim Walsh and his friends created a game called TriBond. They attended Toy Fair, the largest toy trade show in the western hemisphere. They spend about $10,000 in custom made purple velvet curtains and marble floors for their 10 x 10 booth. By the end of the seven day conference they broke more marble tiles than the 48 games they sold. The game absolutely tanked but was loved by everyone who played it.

Creativity Hacks

Creativity Hack #1: Stay persistent

Tim Walsh got the idea in his head to get TriBond on Good Morning America. He called multiple producers with several different pitches to get it on air. Walsh sent multiple games to the studio for people to experience in the hopes he would see his game on television. He eventually received a call from the producer (yes, she called him!) and TriBond was played on air by the anchors who fell in love with the game and showcased the card game every commercial break for a total of about 4 minutes. Walsh’s persistence lead to $2 million worth of exposure.

Creativity Hack #2: Focus on why

  • To move ourselves or others
  • To communicate ideas
  • To solve problems

Creativity Hack #3: Set boundaries of space and time

When you’re working on a project start times are usually a given. What’s also important is and end time. If you give yourself a certain time slot it creates a sense of urgency and should give you more drive to finish the task.

Creativity Hack #4: Find FLOW

Your brain gets a hit of dopamine when you accomplish a goal. That’s also a reason why you end up on your phone for 20 minutes and have no idea how the time passed. This is because you’re getting dopamine when people like your posts.

Finding FLOW

  • Boundary of space
  • Boundary of time
  • Clear, realistic goals
  • Immediate feedback
  • Challenge level is at or greater than your skill level

Creativity Hack #5: Look outside

Of yourself, your industry or your world

Creativity Hack #6: Break a rule

“A boy will never play with a doll!”

The creatorwas told that his idea would bankrupt him right before he released GI Joe.

“Don’t play with your food!”

Mr. Potato Head was born.

Creativity Hack #7: Serve someone

Walsh received a letter in the mail one day from a man who didn’t get along with his father. They only saw each other once a year at Christmas where the family got together and played board games. They played TriBond where a card made the father smile at his son which led to the reconciliation of their relationship. The young man attributes TriBond for the life changing event. Walsh says that this letter means more to him than the Good Morning America appearance.

Helpful Session Q&A

  • What’s the best games for adults?
    • Play is so important
    • Use your hands
    • Any game to force people to be face to face
      • Apples to Apples, Monopoly
    • What helps you when you get stuck?
      • Taking a break
      • Exercise
      • Answers to ideas when you’re not thinking about it
      • Walking meetings
      • What happens if? That question opens up people; helps spur ideas
    • How do you prioritize creative ideas? How did it turn into a book?
      • Start collecting stories to promote game on radio
      • Interviewed son of the guy who created Trolls
      • Find original toys and people
      • Do your best
    • Recommendations for working: space and time
      • Closed door
      • End times help lock things in
      • Blocking out sound?
        • White noise
      • Specific time of day?
        • Wake up at the same time; even on the weekends; get coffee and relax




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