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Seeing is Believing!

Your audience is reading and turning to video more than ever before. At least one-third of all online activity is spent watching videos. Simply having a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 80 percent. A recent survey of CEOs found that 59 percent would rather watch a video than read.

Video is powerful and only gaining traction in today’s marketplace. It has now become a skill every marketing and public relations professional must master.

Madeira Public Relations recently presented its Digital Video 101 Workshop at the Florida Public Relations Association’s annual conference in Orlando. Workshop attendees learned how to create compelling digital videos using just their cell phones paired with the essential tools highlighted below:

Microphone Options:
Tripod Options:
Lens Enhancement Options:

“Sometimes editing video can be the most daunting aspect of the project.”

Whether you outsource your editing needs or tackle the task yourself, these tools will help you look like a pro every time:



We’d love to hear how your organization is incorporating video into your public relations tool box. Share your examples, tips, tricks, stories and examples with Heather.

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Heather Grzelka, APR

Madeira Public Relations
Heather Grzelka enjoys nearly 20 years of experience advancing social causes by generating positive media attention that influences policymakers and increases donor support. Before founding Madeira Public Relations, Grzelka spent the first decade of her career successfully navigating the Washington, D.C. political arena on behalf of numerous nationally recognized nonprofit organizations. She is the immediate past president of the Tampa Bay Chapter of FPRA, and now sits on the state executive committee serving in the role of Vice President of Research and Planning.
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