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By Devon Chestnut, APR, CPRC, Ocala Chapter

Using his 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Curtis demonstrated the impact you can have by writing or re-writing your script. You are the director. You share and live your story each day. You are the star of your life. You are living the dream.

Change is the new normal. However, handling many things at warp speed does not often lead to success. To achieve success, you often need to slow down the process to move ahead. Curtis demonstrated this by engaging the audience to make a circle (representing your circle of influence) in the air with one hand while simultaneously drawing a square outline with the other hand. This task was not only unreachable for most, but it also provided a comedic moment as participants hands were flailing. Only when Curtis had everyone slow down, beginning with the circular motion and then slowly incorporating each side of the square, was successfully achieved.

In relation to the conference, Curtis challenged attendees to pick one takeaway from conference to implement in your life next week. Once that is achieved, choose another conference takeaway, then another. Incorporating one takeaway at a time will enable you to successfully incorporate each new idea into your life at an achievable pace.


Your Life Scripts

Stop re-reading old scripts, life experience, or stories from the past. Move forward, write the next chapter.

  • You are the only person that is in every moment of your life…so you better like the company of YOU.
  • Cast your show wisely.
  • Identify people in your life that you are giving way too many lines to (known as the crazymakers)
  • Every morning that you wake up, the curtain is going up for the greatest show of your life.
  • Most of your days won’t be your best day or your worst day – it will be Tuesday.

Simon Says

The game Simon Says requires you to be response able. Getting out of the game is a result of you not thinking before you respond to the directive. To avoid making the same mistake in your life:

  • Stop and think about what you are going to say with your body and speech.
  • Remember (and appreciate) that there are a million people who would love to live your life for a week.
  • When someone asks you how you are doing, tell them, “I’m living the dream.”
  • Passion supersedes ability.

To help introduce his keys to success, Curtis invited an attendee on-stage to teach him how to juggle. Also, Curtis invited all audience members to participate in the juggling exercise. Throughout the exercise, he demonstrated the keys to success listed below.

Keys to Success

  • Don’t say “no” to content or ideas.
  • Live in “yes,” and it can make an impact on your career.
  • Communicate with others so they will say “yes” too.
  • Get excited with every little step towards progress, even if that step results in failure. This will help build momentum.
  • The only way you’re going to learn how to juggle is celebrating even when you drop the ball.
  • Failing is an event, not a person.
  • Give yourself 5,000 tries. You might be amazed at what you can accomplish.
  • Your stories don’t happen at your computer; they happen in the field.
  • Your real-sume is more important than your resume (who you are, not what you’ve done).

Curtis concluded his presentation by reminding the audience that “the conference isn’t for you; it’s for you to get fired up.” Take the juggling balls back to the office and teach someone to juggle.

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