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By: Devon Chestnut, APR, CPRC – Ocala Chapter

Creating a great video that stands out from the crowd takes more than just a great message and strong visual elements. You must first start with a great script. Did you know that 54% of consumers say they prefer to see video from brands or businesses they support versus other types of mediums? Storytelling is the future of marketing (and many may say that it is already here). So how can you write an awesome video script to make your video compelling?

Select the appropriate video type:

  • Brand videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Product Review videos
  • Company Culture videos
  • Event videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • A Vlog or Webinar

Effective videos need to be:

  • Engaging
  • Compelling
  • Inspiring
  • Create a Buzz
  • Stir the Emotions
  • Tell a Story

Other Video Script Tips:

  • 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. However, there needs to be a script, even if

it’s the mind reading a voiceover.

  • Even the simplest of videos can be sharable
  • Stop interrupting what people love, instead, become what they love.
  • Stick to the Point. Focus on ONE message.
  • Constantly consider the key question every viewer asks…what’s in it for me.
  • Create a narrative arc. The narrative arc should build interest and drive the story.
  • Write as you speak. Be conversational. It should be as much real life as possible.
  • Less is More. Keep it simple, get rid of the “who cares” copy. Continue to revise until every word is critical to the story.
  • Every voiceover talent needs time to breathe.
  • Use humor…carefully! Know your audience before you add “funny.”
  • Don’t be afraid to rewrite for your audience. Look at your draft from your audience’s eyes.
  • The tone must be right. Read the script out loud and read it in one take. This will also help the voiceover talent not to stumble (if you stumble, so will they).
  • Use personal pronouns like “you” and “your.”
  • Don’t tell your audience what they already know. Focus on what they need to know.
  • Don’t talk down to your audience
  • Make friends with your audience
  • Nail your Ending. Should be influenced by what you want your audience to take-away.

Questions you should ask yourself when creating a video script:

  • Who am I talking to?
  • What should I include and what should I leave out?
  • What’s the takeaway…Concerned? Warm and Fuzzy? Mad, sad?
  • What’s your purpose…Educational? Inspirational? Entertainment?

Audience Questions:

Q: Appropriate length of a video?

A: 2-3 minutes

Q: Can you give an example of talking down to someone in a video (don’t do this)?

A: Patronizing the audience. Make sure to identify the audience level of understanding to avoid this.

Q: What is the best way to work with clients with little knowledge of script writing/video production?

A: Provide a creative brief – make sure they know (and you know) what they want to get across to their audience. May require a lot of back and forth to get a full understanding.

Q: Any tips to help the creative process?

  • Whiteboard process, sticky notes – get rough ideas out first
  • Prioritize ideas, check them against the goals (funnel process)
  • No bad ideas at the beginning
  • Stay as conversational as possible, not losing audience early on

Q: Any tips for scripting testimonial videos?

  • List of questions for the interview, record all of it, edit down as needed
  • Questions should lead them in the right direction as far as content needed
  • Have them repeat the question (on camera) before they answer it.

Q: Is there a recommended read rate for voiceovers?

A: 125-150 per minute is average read – faster for a video containing lots of info (this is harder if you have five points instead of just one) Use a script length app such as

Q: Tips for working with a video professional?

  • Write down your goals,
  • Give background information,
  • Provide a list of potential sites, days for the shoot, pro talent, voiceover or on-screen talent
  • Let them do their job!




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