How Do You Know if You’re Ready to Sit for the CPRC Exam?

If you can answer “yes” to the following four bullets, you may be ready to sit for the CPRC exam with minimal preparation, including the review of this study guide.

If you cannot respond “yes” to these bullets, you should begin the process of preparing for the CPRC exam through intensive case study work.

  • Your leadership regularly calls you for your opinion and guidance – you have a seat at the table.
  • You help guide the business strategy of the organization you represent, and you know how to determine what research is needed to identify appropriate audiences, goals/objectives and measurement methods for short and long-term plans.
  • You have demonstrated rational decision-making that has resulted in effective “wins” for your organization.
  • You have authored and facilitated numerous integrated strategic communication plans that successfully achieved the desired outcome to change behaviors or opinions.
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