In 2009 Annual Conference, 2009 Conference - Sunday

This afternoon, past and present chapter leaders assembled to chat about a variety of topics to ensure the upcoming year’s success.  Here’s your inside peek at discussion highlights:

  • Becky Murphy, current State Vice President/Chapter Services, hosted the meeting and shared a plethora of great tips regarding Web resources.  You can check out just a sample of what we covered here.  (Don’t forget, you’ll need to log on to first.)
  • Jennifer Moss, APR, CPRC, current Vice President/Finance, discussed budgeting, highlighting items like:
    o Budgets — have them ready prior to November (preferably by Oct 1)!
    o There are many helpful items available on the Web site to help. . . check out the Financial Management section of the Web here.
    o Even though you may have a great treasurer, the Chapter President is ultimately responsible for the budget!
    o Revenue-generating line items should make $$, chapter luncheons are included in this, too.
    o Did you know? Your chapter should have six months of operating expenses in your bank account. . . if you don’t have this already, please work toward it.
    • Jennifer also discussed great income-generating ideas like:
    — Encouraging organizations to sponsor a meeting or event.
    — Creating an award that is “named” after a sponsor (which, of course, he/she pays to have his/her name on the award – I loved this idea!).
    — Partnering with other organizations on an event and splitting the cost and proceeds.
    • And ideas to reduce costs like:
    — Reducing the cost of local Image Awards by purchasing the lower tier of awards.
    — Using e-mail, etc., as opposed to paper newsletters.
    — Re-negotiating contractual arrangements for monthly meetings.
    — And much more!
  • With the room full of chapter leaders, many important topics were brought up for “food for thought,” like:
    o Look at ways to give back to your members – they are the backbone of your chapter!
    o Partner with larger chapters that have more funds to boost benefits for your members. . .
    o Community service – do it!
    o Don’t over-communicate to members as they might start blowing off e-mails, etc.
    o Make sure your experienced members continue to feel valued.
    o Start preparing NOW for the year-end report – there is a sample on the FPRA Web site.
  • Yes, I know I’m bordering on a mini-novella, so I’ll wrap it up here. . . The bottom line is – the Web is a CRUCIAL tool for chapter leadership.  Take advantage of it and utilize the FPRA State Office resources for a successful year.
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