Aaron Friedman is the vice president of Marketing at Propel PRM, an all-in-one PR technology changing the way PR professionals do business. He spent the previous 15 years running B2B marketing at Guesty where he led all content marketing efforts. Aaron also spent 10 years in the agency world working at major agencies such Resolution Media (part of Omnicom Media Group), where he played an integral part in laying the foundation for their SEO and social solutions, and the Zocalo Group, a word-of-mouth digital agency, where he specialized in social media analysis and emerging media tools for digital marketing programs. Among his roles, Aaron developed new processes driven by research and technology in order to improve services and offerings, and later, took on major roles in business development and company branding, building strategic partnerships for each organization. When not working, you can usually find him spending time with his wife and kids and training his search and rescue dog.

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