The credential of Certified Public Relations Counselor or CPRC is the second tier credential offered by FPRA. The certification process was developed to recognize professional growth and achievement of senior members who have already earned the APR designation. Candidates for CPRC must be a member of FPRA and have a minimum of 10 years of professional practice in public relations.

Thinking about becoming a Certified Public Relations Counselor?

If you’re thinking about sitting for the CPRC exam, you might be wondering if you’re ready… The answer is YES … if you can say yes to the following questions:
  • Am I Accredited in Public Relations?
  • Do I have a minimum of 10 years experience in the field of public relations?
  • Do I have proven experience in developing and implementing successful, comprehensive public relations programs?
  • Do I have the ability to use my experience and knowledge to develop case study responses?
  • Do I have the skills to make a 30-minute presentation demonstrating the ability to present a public relations plan and gain acceptance and support from decision makers?

What is involved in becoming a Certified Public Relations Counselor?

Preparation for this exam comes from practice – ten or more years worth. It is not required or recommended that individuals spend long periods of time studying for this test. All of the questions on the written exam are case related and require practitioners to draw on their own professional experiences. A review of your professional experiences and some classic public relations case studies as well as preparation of a 30-minute presentation for the oral part of the exam is all that is required.
For the oral portion of the exam, candidates are encouraged to use an actual presentation they have made to an employer, a client or the media. The goal of the 30-minute presentation is to "sell" an idea or a course of action, rather than to demonstrate extemporaneous speaking skills.

What is the first step in becoming a Certified Public Relations Counselor?

Contact your chapter Accreditation & Certification Chair and submit your application along with payment to the State Office.
Once your application is approved, your chapter Accreditation & Certification Chair, with the support of the Staff Office and VP of Accreditation & Certification will arrange locations, dates and times that are convenient for the candidate, proctor and panelists.

What are the fees associated with Certification?

The cost of the CPRC exam is $150.

Download the CPRC Application 

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