Florida Public Relations Education Foundation's
Dr. Bob Davis, APR, CPRC, Scholarship

John Dillin and Bob Davis
In an effort to support the professional development of students studying to enter the public relations profession, the Florida Public Relations Education Foundation (FPREF) awards student scholarships each spring.

This year, FPRA will be awarding the prestigious Dr. Bob Davis, APR, CPRC, Scholarship to one deserving student.

The recipient of this year's Dr. Bob Davis, APR, CPRC, Scholarship will be given $1,500.

The application is available for download. It is due February 20, 2016.

Please type or fill out the application in ink (print legibly). The application must be accompanied by your transcript, resumé and an essay answering one of the following four questions.

  1. What do you think is the most important issue or trend affecting PR today and why?

  2. Do you think social media can be an effective medium for changing a target audience's way of thinking and ultimate behavior? Based on your response, provide a real world example(s) to support your answer.

  3. Over the last ten years, how has the PR profession changed and where do you see the profession going in the next ten years and why?

  4. What do you think was the most valuable aspect of your Public Relations education and how has this part of your education prepared you to enter today's job market?

The essay must be an original, typed, double-spaced and no longer than two pages document. For those students interested in submitting an application for a scholarship, it is recommended that the following writing tips be reviewed.

Selection Process
Winners of the FPREF Scholarships are selected based on a recommendation from the Past Presidents' Council of the Association. Scholarship winners will be notified in April.

Scholarship winners also receive a certificate in recognition of their achievement and will be honored during the Presidents' Luncheon at the FPRA Annual Conference in August. In addition, the winning essay may be published in FPRA's statewide electronic newsletter.

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